Five Absolutely Must Have Casual Games for iPhone 4

MEGamers: "We have ogled at Infinity Blade, and gushed over RAGE HD, and they sold incredible well too, but do you know what did even better? The so called ‘casual’ games. Despite technical advances in shrinking full-sized graphics engine for the iOS, the causal games were the ones that ruled the sales charts, and not only because of the nature of their genre but also because it provided far more innovative gameplay than the ‘hardcore’ games can even imagine to construct.

And why not? Like a film that requires little to no thought after a hard day at work, simple, accessible bouts of capsule size entertainment in the form of such light-hearted games are the perfect solution to relieve stress and bring the fun back. Even otherwise, the quick-games are so high on content than gloss, and so incredibly fresh in concept, they offer instant gratification while keeping you engrossed for the next level of challenge...."

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