Top Ten Game Industry Events That Shaped 2010

Stephen Kelley of gamrFeed takes a look at the top ten events that shaped 2010 for the games industry.

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naznatips3947d ago

3DS is going to be insane. I'd better start saving.

Best3947d ago

iPhone 4, believe it or not, is my most used gaming device.

naznatips3947d ago

I used to have an iTouch, but I sold it. I can see how some people get into those games, but I'm not one of those people. The few games I did play I was able to get (almost all for free) on my Android phone, and I just didn't care for the mediocre-to-bad controls on the other games.

BatClarkeee3947d ago

the 3ds is gonna be a beast.

3946d ago