Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Halo Reach vs. Resistance 2 Performance Analysis

Lens of Truth writes ""Get the lead out Marines" Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Performance Analysis with two of the best First Person Shooters on the planet. Although Resistance 2 has been out since November of 2008, it still holds its own with the best of the best first person shooters. But did Resistance 2 every stand a chance against Microsoft's juggernaut franchise Halo? Come join us as we explore the technical achievements that each of these games brought to the industry, and the first performance analysis captured for Resistance 2."

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donkeydoo3235d ago

Resistance 2 was one of my favorite games, can't wait for Resistance 3 baby. I do love Halo Reach Online though.

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sobekflakmonkey3235d ago

"if anyone out there takes are word as gold then it is their fault for not taking our Facts and using them to make their own decision."......isnt "taking theyre facts and using them to make our own decisions" the same as "taking there word as gold"??

Anon19743235d ago Show
pangitkqb3234d ago

The Resistance Series is one of my absolute favorites. Ever. Not surprised to see that Insomniac was already getting great performance out of the PS3 two years ago.

Kudos to Insomniac.


I dont think this is even a fair contest... its like comparing Uncharted 3 to Mindcraft... Nobody who has seen Resistance would even Question its great graphics...If this was a comparison between RAGE or BULLETSTORM than I would Understand But Graphics are not a strong attribute of Reach. Not only is Resistance Graphicaly Superior BUT it boast 60 player battles online and 6 player coop... and a story mode thats like 12 hours long... Its story is also better Than REACH with an ending that You will Never Forget!

I am not Dissing Reach so much as Im Prasing Resistance 2 and setting the stage for Resistance 3... Reach is a Great Multiplayer game and while not my cup of tea its still one of the top 10 shooter of all time. most new fps dont hold a candle to resistance 2 so I dont want to be labled a fanboy because I am stating facts... 60 players online, 6 player co op, 12 hour story mode... not many games can top that!

UCMEandICU3234d ago

That's 8player co=op not 6

avengers19783235d ago

Why not compare Reach to Resistance 3, Oh wait I already know why... Resistance is a great franchise of games can't wait for number 3.

edhe3235d ago

Your comment makes no sense, not even in an attempt at failed irony it's just.. not a reply.

Aloren3234d ago

Well, why did people compare Resistance 2 to halo 3 when it first came out then ? you should stop trying to find conspiracy theories everywhere. They just happen to be comparable games. And both are great actually.

TheXgamerLive3235d ago

yeah, res.2 was a good enough game, but seriously this was a joke, halo reach was a greater game, in both graphics and especially game play, i mean miles better so this was just a comparison either by a sony fan or just to get some sony fans back, but it's ok, b/c if you really like a game, then it's a great game no matter what anyone says. soooo enjoy:)

TheXgamerLive3234d ago

Actually thank you, that video again proved my point. watch it and pay attention to (detail). For ex. the weapons in both games, no detail in resistance 2 and tons of detail in Halo Reach, but again as i stated earlier, if you enjoy a game then it;s a great game for you no matter what anyone person or persons say.

the_best_player3234d ago

Resistance 2 has way more level detail and more ation on screen

TheXgamerLive3233d ago

enjoy the games, but "no" it doesn't have more detail. it has a big boss scene vs an ordinary scene from Reach which was an obvious ploy at trying to succeed but still reach wins here. res. 2 very good game but many things missing looks ok though, reach extremely well polished and pooks and especially plays great.

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XI_-Minty-_IX3235d ago

Tech comparison of a 3-month old game VS. a 2 year-old game, and not even the best-looking FPS exclusive at that...

Uh huh...:-\

RudeSole Devil3235d ago

Killzone 2 crushes Halo Reach wouldn't have been fair comparison. But anyway it nice to see how Resistance 2 performs.

rlm413235d ago

Halo Reach over Killzone 2 any day of the week.

Mr Logic3235d ago

I'm a gamer not a programmer. So why should I give a flying f*** if a game that is "tech wise" superior runs and looks worse than a game that is "technically inferior"?

Where is your logic?

Focker4203235d ago

Apples to oranges. These comparisons are retarded. It will be interesting to see if they're willing to do a Killzone 3 vs. Halo Reach comparison. I seriously doubt it sinces its obvious who the winner would be.

Vherostar3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Resistance 2 beats it and that's a 2 year old game but I think this is trying to get back some PS3 fans since they have now probably completely alienated nearly there entire PS3 fan-base with the biased Mass Effect comparison. I say too little too late... But it's nice to know that even 2 year old PS3 exclusives beat new 360 games.. Just shows which console is truly better than again only die hard 360 fanboys think 360 is more powerful than ps3 and only diehard ps3 fanboys would have not tried the great games on 360. If you buy a 360/ps3 console for graphics only your a moron simple as. I bought my initial 3 360s for games (till they all died!) then my ps3 as I not only gave up on 360 but the lineup was looking better for me at the time as an RPG gamer (real RPGs not these fake western RPGs crap).

Kurt Russell3235d ago

KZ2 is a polished pile of generic crap... Resistance is so much better, and neither stand up to Halo in terms of gameplay by a long long way.

Argue graphics all you want, shit is shit no matter how much it shines.

Parapraxis3235d ago

I agree Kurt Russell, and you polished up that comment real good.

JohnnyBadfinger3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

clap clap Kurt Russel... if that is your real name.

Im sorry due to the fact that only 1 of these games is available right now... this is comparison doesnt make sense.

How can anyone stand up and say yep game X looks better than game Z? For one reason that quality of both vids is disgusting... and they didnt even remotely attempt to match up the scenery.

So to out right say Resistance 3 greater looking makes you a idiot
but to say Halo Reach is better looking makes you a fucking idiot.


Oh its Resistance 2... my bad LOLOLOLOLOL. Still, my point still stands

Kurt Russell3235d ago

No it's not my real name... Is JohnnyBadfinger yours? :/


Grenadan, you say Halo Reach has better tech, I don't think so...

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Balt 3235d ago ShowReplies(8)
Shaman3235d ago

What is exactly purpose of this comparison??

donkeydoo3235d ago

to get you prepared for how kick ass Resistance 3 gonna be. If Resistance 2 performed and looked this good I could just image what 3 gonna be like..

chainer30003235d ago

to drive up views to their site with fox-news styled reporting.

Vherostar3235d ago

To try get there PS3 fans back that they alienated with the ME2 comparison

xXxSeTTriPxXx3234d ago

trying to blind ps3, from their bias towards said console.

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Grenadan3235d ago

lets make biased comparison to get SMGamers off are back

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