2010 Gamers' Choice Awards winner: Puzzle

Gamers have spoken and have chosen the best puzzle game of 2010 through their votes.

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schlanz3239d ago

This award is completely BOGUS.

1. How does Professor Layton WIN last year, yet not even get nominated this year?

2. Although I enjoyed Puzzle Quest 2, and I thought it brought about some nice changes to the overall presentation an depth, it still suffered the big problem of becoming very repetitive and far too easy to make ridiculously overpowered characters.

3. Picross 3D was FAR AND AWAY the best puzzle game on the DS. I don't know if it's "Puzzle Game of the Year" across all the platforms but it certainly the best on the DS. (Well I guess Layton can hold a candle to it, but being the third entry the series, it wasn't as fresh as Picross 3D.)

gamerz3239d ago

I basically came here to comment on the same thing. Picross 3D is the best puzzle game of 2010 and one of the greatest to come along in quite some time. Far better than Puzzle Quest 2, are you kidding me?

I don't like any of the Puzzle Quest games and agree that Professor Layton is better and even Super Scribblenauts.