The Code Black PC Games for 2011- Part 1

There are PC games on the immediate horizon that are close to being released. Then there are games that have been officially announced but will take years to find their way to your hard drive (BioShock Infinite is due out in 2012, for example) And then there are the games that are completely under the radar.

These are titles that developers are working on very hard but haven't been officially announced or in some cases even admitted as being in production.

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ATi_Elite3235d ago

Lots of speculation that any PC gamer could of easily assumed.

Blizzard is working on something called Titan and SC2 Heart of the Swarm.
Valve is working on HL ep3 DotA 2 and maybe even Counter Strike 2.

I wish they would of added more European Developers like GSC currently making STALKER 2 and 4A Games making Metro 2034