Hardcore Gamers Don't Exist... At Least Not Anymore

"While everyone is getting down and dirty with their 2010 backlog, I’ve decided to go back over a decade and play titles from the days of the SNES all in the name of “research.” One of the titles I decided to pick up on the iPad recently was Squaresoft’s (no Enix then) Secret of Mana. A classic and very cliché JRPG that is highly regarded by it’s faithful as one of the best titles the genre has ever seen. Barely hours into my adventure, I quickly realized just how hard some of these older titles were, and I wondered, is the game really that difficult or am I just not as “hardcore” of a gamer as I once was; is anyone as “hardcore” of a gamer these days? As much as you don’t want to hear it, you’re probably much more casual than you want to believe."

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Chadness3240d ago

It's true. While there's nothing wrong with the games of today, they're still great experiences. The term "hardcore" gets thrown around too casually. See what I did there?

JoelT3240d ago

Oh you are clever. Seriously though, I think phone gamers and wii gamers catch too much flak, mind you the same people slinging around all their anti- casual hate couldn't hang with any of the titles from back in the day.

DualConsoleOwner3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Games like Cut the rope or Angry birds are hardcore and casual at the same time.

but there are so many casual games that hardcore gamers wont touch...

having said that, casual game market is huge, and definition of hardcore changed with the market.

this is why MS is leaving behind hardcore and focusing on casual.

their 500 million kinect marketing and lack of hardcore exclusives line up proves that..

ActionBastard3240d ago

The hell we don't. Ask Sony or Valve.

booni33239d ago

True, but i don't think there's much denying that this casual market has stolen the show so to speak. I mean for godsakes just look at quarter four of last year

AceofStaves3240d ago

[email protected]: That was great. :-D

Back on topic, I agree with the author. Games that are released today are much different experiences from what they were decades ago. When I bought "Secret of Evermore" for the SNES when it released, I paid over $100 for the cartridge. (Canadian retail prices and the sales tax in my province were killer back then). Gaming was nowhere near as popular, and it certainly wasn't a hobby you publicly admitted to enjoying. It was the domain of 'nerds' and 'geeks,' not something that could be enjoyed by all members of the family.

'Casual' gaming and 'Hardcore' gaming mean different things to different people, I suppose, and its meanings have changed over the past 20 years or so. When I started gaming, there was no 'hardcore' or 'casual.' Even the term 'gamer' wasn't used for us. We were the nerds and geeks who played video games, either in arcades or on the new-fangled home consoles.

iiprotocolii3240d ago

Then the question should be what is considered a hardcore gamer? And how would you label someone as one? You have new age gamers that play just about everything and consider themselves casual gamers. Yet I play just about everything myself, and I consider myself hardcore. Is this constituted by personal opinion, the amount of time dedicated to the hobby, etc.? It is a term used very loosely. But it's also a label that is hard to place on gamers as there is no ideal definition for the word.

AceofStaves3240d ago

That's one of the reasons I don't like the terms 'hardcore' and 'casual.' What metric do you use to measure? Is it money spent on games and gaming peripherals? Is it years spent gaming? Is it the types of games played? The goalposts move, depending on who you ask.

For example, for me, a 'hardcore' gamer is the type of person who likes to complete RPGs to 100%, who masters all the maps in an FPS game, who finds every secret area and treasure in an adventure/platformer, the type of gamer who seeks out every conversation with every NPC in order to know the whole story of a game. 'Hardcore' are the gamers who strive to unlock all trophies and achievements, no matter how difficult.

For me it's not so much the amount of time played, but the reason behind the playing. You can spend hours upon hours playing 'Peggle' or 'Bejeweled,' yet those are considered 'casual' games. But if the person playing the game is doing so in order to hone their game skills - to master the game, not just play it - then that's 'hardcore' to me.

I was one of those who did get all the ultimate weapons in 'Final Fantasy X' for example, including dodging 200 consecutive lightning bolts on the lightning plain to get Lulu's ultimate weapon. That, to me, is 'hardcore,' since some players won't bother with doing that. I'm one of those 100% completion types. ;-D

Bigpappy3240d ago

A hardcore gamer is now anyone who says they hate Kinect.

rlm413240d ago

A hardcore gamer is someone that tries out and plays all types of genres and consoles whether they are motion gaming or not.

Danl3240d ago

The term Hardcore died when that dude posted the video of the BLOPS level being completed without a shot fired. Everyone's hand is being held, casual gamers just choose to accept it.

JoelT3240d ago

you just hit the nail right on the head!

Ninferno3240d ago

that is so funny and so true.

allenhpark3240d ago

There's a reason why most of the games I adore and latch onto these days are more reminiscent of retro games than anything else.

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