InFamous 2 Who is The Beast?

So Just Who is The Beast in Infamous 2?

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KILLERAPP3238d ago

This game will keep me playing all summer long…

GeneGodHand3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

How bout those retards who say "a real gamer has all consoles"........nah your a loser lmao Ps3 only for me.

MariaHelFutura3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Having all the consoles is great...because it includes having a PS3. The reasons for owning a 360 are dying down in 2011 for me personally. But, I`m still glad I have in hanging around just in case (plus ME1 is great and I don`t game on the PC). 2007 - 2010 was great to own both PS3 and 360. There is NO denying that. 2011 not so much. Unless Kinect does something that literally blows my mind (not Tech Demos), I won`t be buying it anytime soon.

OT: Suckerpunch is one my favorite devs and Infamous 2 looks like a game that`s made for me.

Persistantthug3238d ago

Who else would it be?


theafroman3238d ago

i say it was the guy who got ''killed'' when you open the ray sphere i think john was his name?

cemelc3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Thats interesting but doubtfull really, the guy got vaporized, aside what reason could he have to destroy the world? perhaps cole but not the world.

And that is if you go by the bad ending not the good one.

Focker4203238d ago

John was vaporized, but you never know.

I think Moya works for the Beast. Keeping an eye on Cole's whereabouts all the time.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3237d ago

I got the impression that the beast wasn't too into thinking, which would have been required for the Beast to employ Moya.
She probably worked for Kessler, for the reason you gave. And she was helping him groom Cole for his fight with the beast.

If I'm right, it gives Moya's communications with Cole a whole new meaning.

cemelc3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Dude you got to be like Dr Manhatan to go back from that kind of dmg, pretty doubtfull that electricity is going to have any effect on that kind of power.

Well its true about moya, we dont know who she worked for, but she wanted to find jhon and he turned on her, why would a boss turn on his employee??

badz1493238d ago

"why would a boss turn on his employee??" - Ask Kotick!

Redempteur3238d ago

john can come back ..he was vaporized from COLE point of view but maybe instead he got wrapped some place ? some other dimension ? time plane ?

we already know that time travel is possible in infamous universe some lots are possible , really ( if they want to bring him back )

i'd rather get another explanation for the beast ( and i can't wait to find out )

Axecution3236d ago

Or maybe it's a beast? like, a giant... beast... thing? xD

I actually do kind of think that it will be a large titan type of a thing. Hey you never know. xD

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denero13238d ago

quick question kind of dumb but what was kesslers power?

was he stronger then cole?

Focker4203238d ago

Kessler could teleport (or just move really fast), he could cause earthquakes, summon enemies, shoot beams of electricity, and throw proximity explosives.

ShAkKa3238d ago

Like Cole he has electric powers but they are fully developed,he can also tele-transport and move at very high speeds.

cemelc3238d ago

I think you havent finished the game, so not to spoil much kesslers by default will always be stronger than cole. And i mean ALWAYS.

LarVanian3238d ago

Me and my friends all believe it is John as he was a very developed character in inFamous 1.

denero13238d ago

thank you focker420 wow if cole had those powers my god

Focker4203238d ago

have you finished the game yet?? If so you'll know why I'm smiling... ;)

For those that want to play InFamous 2, you MUST play the original first. All the way to the finish, it'll make your experience with InFamous 2 all the more epic. Its not just about the awesome gameplay, the story is very well done and completely worth your time

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The story is too old to be commented.