Castlevania Clone Gives Fans what Konami Won't

Castlevania Lords of Shadow wasn't a bad game, but it still left some fans hankering for some oldschool 2D Dracula-killing action. And while the Xbox LIVE Castlevania Harmony of Despair delivered this to some degree, its re-purposed art assets fell well below the HD levels promised by the game's titular acronym.

Enter Komajou Densetsu II. It's a fan game. It's a shameless clone. And it looks awesome.

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Ahasverus3233d ago

LoS is what many CV fans wanted, and we certainly don't want any other super metroid clone anymore

Enigma_20993233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Not THIS fan...

And they better be glad they flat out admitted that they shamelessly ripped off Castlevania, or I'd be screaming bloody murder at the top of my voice right now.


... so you think EVERYONE uses their consoles to surf the web? Man, you're in for a surprise...

rockleex3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

If Lord of Shadows had enemies dropping loot, enemies dropping money, multiple weapons, shields, leveling up, etc... it would have been one of the best action games of all time.

Although it was a pretty great game already.

Also, the art style wasn't gothic and anime enough.

Enigma_20993232d ago

I'm not saying it wasn't good. I'm just saying it didn't feel enough like Castlevania...

Eamon3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Super Metroid Clone?

Isn't Symphony of the Night the most popular Castlevania game?

Lords of Shadow was good but it was a departure from that gothic Romanian atmosphere.

Ahasverus3231d ago

Just like symphony of the night was a departure from the original medieval rude asthethic

Soul Train3233d ago

What's wrong with a Super Metroid clone? SotN was one of the best games of all time because it was a Super Metroid clone.
I don't think this is what ALL Castlevania fans wanted (your right, LoS is most likely what everyone wanted) but at least one more Super Metroid clone would def be welcome here.

And not one on the DS or 3DS thanks.

HolyOrangeCows3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago ) sort of looks like a SotN REMAKE, more than a "Castlevania clone"
Looks pretty well made, though.

*Gets to certain point in video*
Oh geez....not furries...

Theyellowflash303233d ago

I agree LOS was a amazing game with a combat system that is more complex and rewarding than GOW 3. Im a long time CV fan and LOS was one of the Best CV games ever. Not to mention LOS story was soooooooo KICK A$$! The ending left me want more LOS!

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VenomProject3233d ago

A Metroidvania clone? I'm down.

Symphony of the Night was awesome.

kagon013233d ago

For PC only console fanboys!!! >: D

kagon013233d ago

Oh! another fantastic game that has the quality of Blazblue

Godmars2903233d ago

You do know that Sony's started to experiment with JP "fan made" titles right? Pale Mist was one, should have been cleaned up, but it does show how easy they can be ported.

kagon013233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

That's true after all those are indie games, but do you think they'll accept clones of successful titles of existing games?

In my opinion I doubt it. Unless the official company licensed the fan made clone...

Hozi893233d ago

This is just like SOTN, but in turbo mode!

Batzi3233d ago

actually it's more like Dracula X Chronicles! Either ways, both games are amazing and this fan made game is no different!! Whoever did this game needs to be recruited ASAP!

Hozi893233d ago

Heck Yes! They really should open their own Dev.Company. I will by their games!

Godmars2903233d ago

More like SOTN w/moes...

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