Dead Space 2 Demo Impressions

Josh from For the Love of Gaming plays the Dead Space 2 demo

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adlt3238d ago

When I wasn't was a great experience! I loved the demo and I haven't played the first one. Might have to pick that one up. Something about games can scare me, movies don't. I don't quite understand it haha.

VenomProject3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

The reason why games scare you more than movies is because you're in control of the protagonist.

In a movie, you already have a predetermined mindset. You know that somehow the hero will always beat the beastie, you know the heroine will always find her missing daughter...In a game, you're relying on your own intuition and reflexes to survive.

This is what I love about video games, they bring a certain level of interaction that movies will never have.

WhittO3238d ago

Games are always WAY scarier to play than watching a scary movie.

For me its because in a movie you can prepare yourself for what is about to happen, like when one of them is getting chased, so you can just watch to see what happens.
In a game you have to control that chase and make sure you escape, it feels like it is happening to you haha.

Sound design is 60% of what makes a game scary, you could have a really crap looking game and have it still be really scary by the sound design/soundtrack etc.

Like when I think of Silent Hill 2 the first thing I think of are all the sounds haha, like the soundtrack or even the noises for selecting equipment lol.

Even games that aren't meant to be totally scary (Resistance 1/2 and even Killzone 2!) still have parts where you start to sh*t yourself lol. Especially R2 where you are going through an abandoned house in pitch-black and all you can hear are grunts from the chimera somewhere inside.

Jaces3238d ago

The demo was pretty fun but the scary factor has been thrown out the window.

It's more jump out of hiding places a screaming "boo". The movements aren't as clunky and heavy as the first which is good I guess, I really didn't have a problem with the slow/heavy movement.

What I came away with from the demo was a sort of action orientated game with monsters. This doesn't feel like the survival/horror that the first Dead Space brought to the table.

This is a demo showing a small portion of the game so I'm not basing anything off of it, just saying what I felt when I played. Still excited and still have it preordered, cannot wait. :D

galgor3238d ago

loved the demo. just left me wanting more!

SkylineR3238d ago

Yeah I liked the demo quite a lot. Never played the original either.