This Is The Killzone Card Game

Kotaku: The Killzone card game is not official. A fan made it, and now you can play it.

The game was created by a person who goes by the name pineapple1. He/she writes to Kotaku that "I'm a big Killzone fan. And I also was a big fan of Eye of Judgment. After Sony pulled the plug on the game's online, I turned back to my old idea of creating a card game based on Killzone. After quiet some time I completed it."

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-Mezzo-3243d ago

WOW< never heard of this before.

GWAVE3243d ago

My wife and I love boardgame/cardgames. It'd be fun to play this game if it ever came out.

-Mezzo-3243d ago

If i was in GG or Sony's place i would have contacted this guy immediately.

They are so detailed.


Who will time for this when the game comes out???

Go to playstation blog share and vote for theater mode in killzone 3.

SuperbVillain3236d ago

Your right,when the game comes out noone will play the card version,but it is a pretty cool thing to have.I'd love to own a deck just for the sake of owning one.

dkblackhawk503243d ago

lol o hdamn, i smell a lawsuit