Angry Birds Flocking to PS3 and PSP

Details on Angry Birds coming to PS3 and PSP as well as announcement on Angry Birds 2

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Theodore873238d ago

eh no thanks. I was stupid enough to buy it for my iPad.

FinalSpartan3238d ago

It will be free for PSP owners no worries about that thanks to CFW.

jidery3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

People like you RUINED the PSP, GTFO you stupid pirate.

Lirky3238d ago

So this will be on disc if so thats ***** dumb lol. Jk itll most likely be on psn.

BryanBegins3238d ago

Minis are a sad thing. Very small games free or cosrting 99 cents everywhere else, but PSN users are getting charged 3-5 dollars.

No thanks.

Brewski0073238d ago

Cant see this doing too good. I have it on the iphone and its a fun little game, but i think its because of how you interact with the touch screen, i like the click & drag motion of the finger. Dont think this would be great with a controler. . . . .UNLESS... it was move compatible . But doubt it would be

vickers5003238d ago

I think it will be better and more accurate with a joystick. It's really hard to get the exact sensitivity that you need when your fingers are so big, so using a joystick would be easier.

BYE3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

How do Angry Birds and Doodle Jump differ from any generic flash game?

captain-obvious3238d ago

they are ...... fun ??????

FinalSpartan3238d ago

I so agree to this lol many games you pay more you can find free alternative on the web. But thanks to jailbreak its no problem to

KwietStorm3238d ago

Well angry birds for android is free regardless.

neo8813238d ago

@5.2.1 yeah but there are ads i would rather pay 99 cents than to have a ad filled game.

AnonUser55553238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


Or just install an ad blocker...

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