Fight Night Champion Controls Too Dumbed Down?'s Raymond Padilla believes that the Full Spectrum Controls in Fight Night Champion will ruin the game for players that are boxing fans and those that actually box. His opinion, as a lifelong fight fan and former boxer, is that the controls are being overly simplified to appeal to a broad audience. The simpler controls kill the game's realism.

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DualConsoleOwner3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

the button controls are dumbed down, but not ANALOG stick controls

using buttons will give you 6 different types of punches, but using analogy stick will give you 12.

and thats not including punch variation. where you can decide to put more weight behind the punches.

so i am guessing this guy only looked at button controls and not analog controls.

rpad3243d ago

You guessed wrong. Did you see the command list in the video? How is a flick for a hook not a dumbed down version of a quarter circle? On paper, the analog controls look much easier and less realistic.