Call of Duty 3: New gameplay movies

Msxbox-world have just added two new gameplay movies from Activision's forthcoming follow up to the smash hit Call of Duty 2. In Call of Duty 3 players continue the struggle as part of the Normandy Breakout in which Allied forces liberate Paris.

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PS360PCROCKS5384d ago

I hate websites with such crap bandwidth you can't even watch the movies, I have a 8MB connection, these movies are like 14 MB, took like 3 minutes to start and than stopped after like 10 seconds

keeshee5384d ago

go to they have 2 new vids there. they look f'in sick i hella want this game.

SEER5384d ago

I hope this will rock. Treyarch, the new developers, aren't exactly known for great games however. Go to their official site and look on their history, i was sh*tting myself with worry.

LuminousAphid5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

well, hopefully they realize what a good game cod2 is and they don't change too much; that way it would be pretty hard to make this game bad. but i'll definately be renting it to make sure i like it, because i just don't trust new developers with good games.

the thing that worries me the most is control; after witnessing how terrible pdz and farcry were for look controls, i really hope they keep cod3 exactly the same as cod2.