The 2010 Edge Awards - Best Hardware of 2010

Edge: Our award for the best hardware of 2010.

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Arup023243d ago

Agreed. Iphone is a very cool platform for games.

Corepred43243d ago

I love my iphone. Does everything I want it to do and more. What I love more is how all these people are wanting something else other than the iphone, yet whichever company they go with is always having to come up with an "iphone killer" of their own. LOL Wake me when the term changes from "iphone killer" to "(some other phone) killer". Then I'd be interested.
Gotta love being able to game wherever you are.

GWAVE3243d ago

Kind of a fail list. The runner-ups were new releases. The iPhone has been out for years (the new hardware revisions this year were minor).

You might as well have put Wii on that for giving us a 25th Anniversary red Wii.

FinalSpartan3243d ago

So what do you think this year hardware should go too? Iphone has been great past years and is always improving stellar titles are coming out, the app store is booming, everyone wants a jump on the bandwagon.

Sylmaron3243d ago

I'm glad I stopped taking Edge serious ages ago.

The downfall of a once genuine and genious gaming mag.