Kinect - Fun, But Destined to Become an Advertising Juggernaut?

Game Podunk Content Manager, DanCurtis writes, "Well I've been having all kinds of fun the past week or so with my new Kinect device. I've been ducking, dancing and prancing around my living room like a wild beast and have looked ridiculous in as many ways as it is possible to look ridiculous while doing so. However, amidst the fun and game I began to notice one significant thing that seems to be a trend in three of the four Kinect games I own, and that is the amount of sometimes subtle, sometimes completely in your face advertising that seems to exist in many of the Kinect launch titles..."

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HarryMonogenis3235d ago

Hehe, this might be a bit off topic, but can you imagine Marcus Fenix saying "I'm lovin' it" in his deep, bas-ass voice? XD

MariaHelFutura3235d ago

He probably loves McDonalds.....

BTW, I love the term "bas-ass"

"meet a giant fish, f**k his brains out"

Is what came to mind.

blumatt3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Laugh about it all you want, but lots of advertising on our game consoles is not a GOOD thing at all. It's annoying to turn on your console and see advertisements for non game-related stuff. It's even worse when you play your game and there's advertisements in there. Man, you think XBL was making MS enough money. Geez! In my opinion.

HarryMonogenis3235d ago


I highly doubt they'll include Marcus Fenix in a McDonald's advertisement.

blumatt3235d ago

My point is that advertising in games is not something I want to see. With the exception of Home, where it kind of fits more. I can see a future version of PS Home where you can buy clothing in the virtual mall and it be real clothes and you pay $40 for a pair of pants for your Home person and a real pair of pants at the same time, and you get the real pair in the mail. lol A kind of virtual/real shopping experience all in one.

HeartDisease3235d ago

its going to depend on the game really. most AAA devs do not need extra revenue from sponsors so do not expect to see any ads in their games. smaller fly-by-night shovelware companies are not going to have a problem taking money from a softdrink company and sticking their logo right on the main characters t-shirt. if you do not like ads , do not buy games with ads in them. do not watch tv. use ad-block and noscript on your pc, and mute any ad in any video if it is not skippable.

rob60213235d ago

I already do those things for the most part you outlined at the end of your statement. Honestly I believe advertising and consumerism is pretty evil the way it conditions us to think buying whatever will give us what we're looking for in life.
I don't want this to happen in video games - and yes companies should be put on the hot seat when they try push it into our games. We need more articles like this one seriously.