PS3 exclusive No More Heroes screens touch down

Konami has released new screens for No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, the enhanced version of Grasshopper Manufacture's first No More Heroes game which will land exclusively on UK PS3s in 'Q2 2011'.

The screens show off the game's geeky and slightly embarrassing protagonist Travis Touchdown wielding his trusty beam katana, which continues to somehow avoid LucasArts' copyright lawyers.

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KILLERAPP3671d ago

So they will port most of the good games that the wii has…

theafroman3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

sounds like a win too me.
wii got some great titles.

BiggCMan3671d ago

This game was amazing on the Wii. It's gonna be even better on PS3 with the enhanced graphics and Move support. The article says it will only be available in the UK, is this true?? I really hope not.

saoco3671d ago

i think the ps3 can play games from other regions. i dont think is locked. i hear people buying jap games all the time.

Infernostew3671d ago


It was announced for an EU release on the PS3 (and I think, Xbox360) even before the US release was announced.

DualConsoleOwner3671d ago

since they are planning to release games in other regions as well.

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KillerPwned3671d ago

This game is gonna be amazing on PS3 I have it on Wii and its one of my favorite Wii games. I will get this day 1.

dkgshiz3671d ago

Especially the hardcore games that never sold well on the wii. Like Madworld and things like that.

Lavalamp3671d ago

"That was quite a move. I'll admit you've got potential. If challenge had a taste, you'd be quite delicious."

showtimefolks3671d ago

its both move and DS3

more 3rd party wii games have to come out on ps3 in HD and sooner not like 3 years after release

that conduit game looks pretty cool won't mind see both the first and sequel on one disk soon

Infernostew3671d ago

The Japanese version of the game for PS3 supports only DS3 so I would imagine that there will be an option to play with either Move or DS3.

thenickel3671d ago

This game is gonna rock using the Move controller. I enjoyed the Wii version but the face lift and thought of Move seems fresh for some reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.