God of War Character Concept Art: Kratos Before And After

Concept art gallery on Siliconera with alternate versions of Kratos, Ares, and Medusa from the original God of War.

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showtimefolks3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

first there were rumors about different dlc?
than there was that whole heavy rain dlc canceled?

come on sony give us GOW4 who cares about the story kratos was pissed in the end anyway he won't mind killing more things

a open world GOW games imagines that and BOOM lol


karl3242d ago

GOW4? wtf .. that would be purely commercial

if they can come up with a really awesome reason to give kratos more games.. well thats fine but the story its done...

i sure dont want an awesome trilogy to be ruin because there is a fanbase that will buy the game...

i know many will disagree .. i also love gow .. but thats why it should be left alone when its finished

Croash3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

"GOW4? wtf .. that would be purely commercial"

That's what people thought 6 years ago about another franchise.

And then Onimusha : Dawn of Dreams came and it was amazing.
And now a lot of people want a new Onimusha game.

"if they can come up with a really awesome reason to give kratos more games.. well thats fine but the story its done..."

You could consider the trilogy to be done, as it was with Onimusha 3, but there can still be more, the "open ending" gives the developers the option to make a sequel.

But you are right, and I agree with your point of view, they mustn't make a God of War 4 for the sake of making a sequel. It would need to have a really interesting plot.

On topic: These designs are really weird when you have the current Kratos in mind, they wouldn't have fit in GoW. Dante from Dante's Inferno looks like the first concept, with slightly less style though :/

It's interesting to see how Kratos evolved, but if I remembered correctly, they did a making of about that in both God of War 1 and 3. The guy with a dog was a funny concept :p

As for Ares, his first concept looked better than the final design, in my opinion, he looked scarier (but I would have thought it was Hades).
The painting is really great as well.

pwneddemocrat3242d ago

wtf does SM working on sequels is relative to this article?

sick of dudes seeing one word and commenting on it

anyways, Kratos looked like a pussy before lol
too good they made him into a badass that he is now

otherwise GoW would have been a totally different game experience.

poopface13242d ago

he sure does look different now huh.

zerox5053242d ago

ahh i remember how david jaffe was very fond of black people, thought they were badasses