Capcom blames Sony for lack of costumes

Capcom has said that the real reason Super Street Fighter IV players on the PlayStation 3 can not see alternate costumes downloaded is because of Sony. For shame...

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dkblackhawk503242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Well sony is to blame now >.> '

@below: lmao, it is their fault!/s

MaideninBlack3242d ago

Sony's to blame for everything. I bet it's their fault birds are falling from the sky. /s

HarryMonogenis3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

It's funny how you two are purposely trying to change the subject completely.

Stick to the topic. Sony's method made it difficult for Capcom to release these costumes.

EDIT: Getting ready for the obvious -- disagrees ahoy!

EDIT 2: Hehe, I knew it was going to happen. For those of you blindly disagreeing with me -- look at the article. Sony didn't cover the costs for the costumes to be distributed. I'm not saying that Sony are in the wrong for this. Just pointing out what the topic is about.

Biggest3242d ago

You actually WANT to pay for more costumes? I figured that kind of stuff could be included in the $60 game they released. I understand that they're sad about something, but screw them. At least Call of Duty wants more money for maps. Wanting more money for new panties is just stupid.

MintBerryCrunch3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

so Sony went and told Capcom to pay, yet they are saying that it is Sony's responsibility

i find it weird that a company that wants to make a profit on this so-called DLC wants another company to make it visible on the player's machine...weird if you ask me, idk much about programming but this guy could have handled it better instead of pointing the finger at Sony....Sony and MS are different companies...they expect everyone to do the same thing O.o

another thing is, i dont get why this site went and labeled all of Capcom with what one guy said...who works for Capcom USA by the looks of it

hay3242d ago

First of all: Who buys costumes? Seriously?!
Secondly: Namco did it right with Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 4 costumes. Why can't Capcom in this rehash?

fail0verflow3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

lawl at people blindly clicking agree/disagree

zgoldenlionz3242d ago

this article is a joke, SONY charges 18 cents a gig how big are these costume files? are you telling me a fraction of a penny isnt worth making your customers happy Capcom? this article needs to focus on capcom.

Commander_TK3242d ago

Uh-oh, here comes the Sony defence force. Remember, according to them, Sony is the good, and has done nothing wrong.

RememberThe3573242d ago

There are always two sides to a story. Sony has been pretty publish about their internal PSN cost structure, thats why some people here actually know what the article is talking about. Would you rather us hate Sony for charging Capcom to use their network? Should we be pissed that we're not getting what we haven't paid for?

Anyway, there you have it people your Gold membership being put to work. It may be just a small example but you can see how the membership fee lets MS do more with Live.

mastiffchild3242d ago

So, we're talking about not being able to see OTHER gamers use the new costumes? Seriously? That's an issue? I'm GLAD Sony aren't wasting money on things like that and if you WANT the DLC you can just pay for it, no? If you were that desperate to see what the costumes looked like, however, you can do with a couple of clicks.

I'm not saying Sony are always right but they haven't done anything I disagree with here and MS has-why pay Capcom to advertise THEIR costumes with OUR subscriptions? It just sounds a bit backwards as I don't see what MS gets out of it, what gamers get out of having their money spent on it and why it's a big deal, in the first place, to see what someone else has paid for and you personally chose not to.

Whatever, a bit of fuss about nothing.

Persistantthug3242d ago

Capcom is always trying to get over by charging for stupid stuff that should be on the disk for free anyways.

Stop buying rip off stuff, people.

--My take.

Hozi893242d ago

aahaha...wait what!? Birds are falling from the sky?

pain777pas3242d ago

Who seriously cares about this?

Dir_en_grey3242d ago

Blazblue can see other DLC characters and DLC colors even if DLC wasn't bought, don't see what Capcom's problem is. You can even see other people's DLC costumes on original SFIV, so why can't Capcom do the same now on SSFIV?

I'm sure this is just a set up excuse so they can sell a disk pressed Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition instead of just a DLC pack.

xDaRkModEx3242d ago

Why can't Capcom just do ONE update for future dlc so the game is able to stream the unpaid DLC and fix this problem? I ain't a coder but cmon...

PS3 A has paid costume DLC
PS3 B does not

If PS3 B plays against Ps3 A, PS3 A send the Costume to PS3 B and PS3 B won't see a Invisible Character.

Also, Look at LBP. It has costume. I didn't buy all of them, but i for sure don't see invisible character slapping me around.

If anyone should be blame is Capcom with their shitty netcode, even on a 4 bar connection.

Sony3603242d ago


But you dared to agree with the article, which puts the almighty SONY in a bad light. Of course you'd get disagrees, no matter how right you are.

DragonKnight3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Let me see if I have this right...

Capcom releases DLC of new costumes for people to buy. Some do and some don't. This article is saying that if a person who did buy it plays online against a person who didn't buy it, that person who didn't buy will not be able to see the costume that the character the other chose is wearing? That has to be the most ridiculous load of B.S. I have ever heard in my life.

The mere fact that there is any financial transaction necessary to SEE a goddamn costume is atrocious and I'm guessing very poor programming.

But on another note, this is what Crapcom gets for nickel and diming gamers with useless garbage that should be readily available UPON PURCHASE OF THE GAME instead of placing costumes on the damn disc and uploading the keys to unlock them. Crapcom have to be among the most greedy developers out there, being outperformed in that area only by Activision and Square Enix.

They want Sony to pay to allow gamers to see a f*cking costume. And this is what people are arguing about trying to blame Sony for something so damn lame. *sigh* This stupid world.

DaTruth3242d ago

"Capcom is always trying to get over by charging for stupid stuff that should be on the disk for free anyways."

That's not true! They also try to get over by charging for stupid stuff that is already on the disk!

shadow27973242d ago

It's funny how some of the posters are refuting the argument with logic and stating why they disagree with the article, while others are simply just bashing the people who disagree with the article.

Hmmm... I wonder which are the fanboys?

jadenkorri3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

first of all, you get the new costumes if you pay for it, says it in the freaking article. Granted the only difference between the 2 are that 360s user who haven't paid get to the see the costumes, were as ps3 users don't. I'm not gonna cry over that myself since 360 users are paying for xbox live gold were as ps3 users don't pay.
I'm sure sony would prob cover the costs if they were charging monthly to play online.

@ xDaRkModEx
the player who didn't pay for costumes will see the other player in the default costume, not invisable.

blumatt3242d ago

I'd rather Capcom include all the costumes on the bluray disc. I know they'll all fit. Use the damn space on the bluray, like EA does with including extra games with the main game (i.e., Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2)

CommonSense3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

If this happened the other way around, the 110 comments would be sony fanboys saying "MS only cares about the money." but since it's sony, it's 110 lame excuses.

EDIT: Yes, i was generalizing. I realize a couple of the comments are from thoughtful gamers and not mindless fanboys, but i think you get my point.

bakasora3242d ago

Then who do i blame for the RE5 disappointment?

baodeus3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

did anyone complaining about not getting costumes? If not, then who cares.

Plus why do people pay for costumes, furniture, homes or xbox live?

People do buy these stuffs, not many would, but some do. It does cost money to make these stuffs as well (i mean, there got to be someone making this things right, it just doesn't magically appears you know). Capcom made these and expected some sort of profit from it. Why make them if you getting nothing out of it? Do you guys know how business works?

If you don't see the costumes because PSN is free and Sony doesn't pay for it, then what can you do? It is free so don't complain.

rockleex3241d ago

Its funny how the people pointing fingers at Sony have nothing to say other than "Sony Defense Force" or "if this was Microsoft blah blah blah".

Funny how they can't even talk about the topic at hand and what's actually happening.

Bet they didn't even bother to read the article.

xAlmostPro3241d ago

i disagree.. i mean have you seen how many costume packs there are for some games on the sony store? almost every fighting game is jam packed, then you have games like lbp who put out hundreds..

plus its like 18 cents per gig :L

CommonSense3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

hypocrite much?

a 4 year old retarded kid with one eye could tell just from the agrees/disagrees and comments what's goin on here. what always goes on on n4g. same old thing.

and as soon as you guys get called out for it, you do what you just did...try to create some (what you believe is clever) diversion.

you didn't comment about the article either. you just attacked everyone that's pointing out the truth like you're some PR rep for sony. get over it dude. neither company does anything out of the goodness of their's all about the money.

Parapraxis3241d ago

@ CommonSense, please hurry and change your name to GeneralIgnorance.

...or just Troll.

deafwing3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

lol ... this is about money? Anyway, Sony doesn't want to cover a distribution cost that microsoft covers (aka Big Poppa M$ or Deep Pockets)?

hmmm ... sounds like normal business decision making to me. You either decide to stomach paying for someones' lunch or you don't. Sony told Capcom to take it deep - classic. :D

Yet, I digress, shouldn't these costumes be free updates anyway? :/ It's not like they change game play or anything - it's just new toothpaste for an older tooth brush. (but toothpaste is never free I guess)

jeseth3241d ago


How about you put all the costumes in the game instead of nickel and diming the supporters of your games?

rockleex3241d ago

You say I'm diverting by trying to lead you guys back to the topic at hand?

Lol, you wouldn't know what "hypocrite" was even if it smacked you right in the face!

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I'm gonna have to put you on tap...MS charges consumers to even be able to buy the content from Capcom...I'm guessing you haven't heard about the yearly XBL charge have you.

This article is nothing more than a let's all hate on Sony because PSN is free and Sony doesn't want to cover all of the charges with no would have to be on something to not figure that out.

Let me know if I'm missing something!

MazzingerZ3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Well actually it's easier to list what is available for non XBL-Gold that the other way around :)

Devs charges for the MP component already when you buy the game, XBL has a peer to peer framrwork that actually makes everything cheaper for the devs as they don't need to setup servers for online gaming...laggy indeed but XBL gamers think that's the way it is for everybody, even on PSN...they are used to players teleporting or just freezing into the air

SONY doesn't have that (peer2Peer) so there publishers have to setup servers, so I guess it's fair that they spend on that as you are paying for MP when you purchase a game

That's why of the initial support to MSFT in a was cheaper for them if MSFT had most of the market but they seriously underestimated the PS brand...EA, Ubi were some one of the first ones to realize that SONY would catch up and started to show more love to the PS3

Back to that DLC stuff...want to sell something on ebay? guess what, you have to pay a fee for that ad that can be found by millions

CAPCOM just know that people don't buy that crap as much as other type of DLC so they don't make the wished profit as they need to pay a fee

If that was the case, CAPCOM wouldn't release any DLC on PSN.

SCEE made a deal to release all the Fallout 3 DLC for FREE for PAL PS+ members (that's unique and big deal! I didn't see the Media going nuts about it which is sad), that's awesome, so with all the stuff I have gotten as a PS+ memeber I have a hard time seeing SONY as evil...they would need to come to my house and throw rotten eggs at my door or something like that

Well, if it was Kevin Butler the one doing that I would actually hug him and laugh along with him LOL

sobekflakmonkey3242d ago

I know what you mean, you need XBL for everything its ridiculous, you need to pay for XBL Gold to pay for Netflix....thats fuckn retarded, i know because i have an Xbox 360 and i just recently let my subscription run out and i really dont plan on paying for another year..

acere3242d ago

pay to have a friend list

shinrock3242d ago

you don't need a gold membership to buy dlc.

thewhoopimen3242d ago

@shinrock: Right but what's the point of "seeing" other people's costumes (as Capcom USA is complaining about in this article is about) if you haven't paid for XBL Live? This article is about XBL live allowing for costume viewing on other ppl's characters...

IHateYouFanboys3242d ago

@MazzingerZ: "SONY doesn't have that (peer2Peer) so there publishers have to setup servers"

im sorry, but youre 100% talking out of your arse. 99% of online multiplayer games on the PSN are Peer-2-Peer lol. hell, even Uncharted 2 - the PS3 fanboy holy grail - is Peer-2-Peer. quit talking about things that you have no idea about.

on the topic - again, it seems like most of you are going off half cocked without reading the article.

capcom arent complaining about the data charges when people buy their content - theyre saying that when they release new costumes as DLC, Microsoft let them release an update for FREE to all online players of the game so that they can see the DLC costumes even if they havent bought the game - essentially it just downloads the DLC but wont let them use it til they buy it. they cant use them, but they can see them when fighting people that bought them. Sony, on the other hand, wont let them do this for free.

personally i think its a bit harsh of sony. capcom arent making money off the download that enables people without the DLC to see the DLC when people they fight against have it. its making the game better for everyone that plays the game on the PSN, so youd think Sony would have no problem absorbing the cost - and since its their servers, that cost is negligible to them.

but hey, i dont expect you guys to understand.

mastiffchild3242d ago

But MS using our cash to, basically, advertise Capcom's stuff is AOK I suppose? What do we, or MS for that matter, get out of this transaction? Even PSN users know what the costumes look like and if they're bothered can buy them. Sony wasting cash on that would just be daft, imho, and io really don;'t think they should-0if I cared I'd buy my own.

firefoxprime3242d ago'd think DLC would make gaming more fun.

But no. Just complicates things even more. I miss the days when gaming console were just that. gaming and cd/dvd's. Now we have all these additional stuff thrown in, and we have to pay for the majority of all these "special" addons.

Instead of getting everything for $60 dollars(like back in the day), now you gotta shell out $5 for this and $2.99 for that. Next thing you know, you invested over a hundred dollars in just one game.

Not right. just not right.

MazzingerZ3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )


I'm not sure what you mean...and 99%??? really? you can't be serious...that you want to believe that is something else...I guess that 1% is Warhawk then...or Resistance 2...or MAG...or...the "world" in Demon's Souls is peer-to-peer..right..all those ghosts I see while gaming are hosted by me...

That you are able to start a room and are a host it doesn't mean it's Peer2Peer, big diference from creating a room in a server where the server's bandwidth is what decides the quality of the online experience (and ping of course) rather than YOUR connection quality (XBL) as there you work like a "little" server if we say so

Haven't experienced host advantage on PSN, have you ever heard of that? a host with a poor connection on XBL respawns faster than the others as the connection resources serves the host first and what is left is for the "guests"...if you have not enough bandwidth you can guess what sees you first, shoots first and so on, Gears magic shotgun? Halo's Energy sword? anyone?

XBL has a well developed P2P framework that makes online gaming possible thanks to the users themselves, I'm sure it will be great when everybody on world have a 100Mbps connection but today is crap...people with poor connection are allowed to host rooms

Ever belong to a XBL online community? People hunting "good" hosts (great connections) to be able to enjoy a game

P2P is great if only MSFT didn't allow poor connections to host but that would mean XBL availability would be reduced as most of the customer base is in the US and as far as I know, monopolies there haven't allowed yet to run 100Mpbs (fibre) connection like in Europe...well, you don't need 100Mbps but a standard of minimum 25/5 would be nice for everybody

XBL is a great service, the only I don't like is the poor online experience due to the uncontrolled P2P and online gaming experience happen to be what I used to paid for (XBL) not for FB, Avatars or I don't know what else.

But I'll stop, I don't know what I'm talking about

ps. Well, MSFT allows the update because people pays for XBL and pays for those servers/resources where CAPCOM will place the know, there must be some guys there some monitor and administrate that update...SONY are not paying some guys to do that, they don't get anything from that..I think in this case is SONY not getting enough profit from the DLC fee they charge to CAPCOM

Ah yes, XBL-Silver gets the update but many XBL-Silvers are out there? XBL-Silver is just a demo for XBL "Wanna play a demo? Get XBL-Gold today!", "Wanna play online? get XBL Today!"..."Wanna.... " :S

deafwing3241d ago


interesting ... I'm guessing with the fees that M$ charges it's users for XBLA, those fees must trickle back to business partners like Capcom that cover the cost of making things like that available to XBLA users -

I guess it's kind of the cost of having psn free (to an extent). Sony doesn't have the extra cost to pay for things like that.

IHateYouFanboys3241d ago

@MazzingerZ: "I'm not sure what you mean...and 99%??? really? you can't be serious...that you want to believe that is something else...I guess that 1% is Warhawk then...or Resistance 2...or MAG...or...the "world" in Demon's Souls is peer-to-peer..right..all those ghosts I see while gaming are hosted by me... "

how are you not sure what i mean? i mean that pretty much all multiplayer games on the PS3 apart from the big first party exclusives are Peer-2-Peer. not hard to understand.

you also seem to be ignoring the fact that there are many games on Xbox Live that use dedicated servers. Gears 3 uses them. Gears 2 has been partially using them for months. Left 4 Dead uses them. Left 4 Dead 2 uses them. Battlefield Bad Company 2 uses them. Frontlines Fuel of War uses them. and so on and so on. XBL isnt just a P2P network, its an online service. if developers want to use P2P because its best for their situation, they can do that. likewise if they want to use dedicated servers, they can.

and dont for one second think that Dedicated Servers always means better online play, because it doesnt. for example, say that i want to play online with my next door neighbour. i have 8mbps internet, he only has 512kbps. if a game was to use P2P, we would have absolutely no trouble as i would host the game and because hes local to me there would be no noticeable lag despite him having slow internet as the data has very little distance to travel. if that game was on a dedicated server 100km away, there would be very noticeable lag as my friend would have to send/receive data to that server using his slow internet.

dedicated servers dont eliminate lag, they just mean that everyone has at least a little bit so theres no 'host advantage'. if someone has slow internet or lives far from the dedicated server, theyll lag and be jumping all over the place. ive seen it happen hundreds of times in games using dedicated servers, Killzone 2 and the like included.

Gears of Wars shotgun is not a P2P problem. the problem is that the Gears DIDNT use client side hit detection, meaning that if you hit someone on your screen, but because they had 200ms of lag they were 1m away from the bullets by the time the server registered your shot, your shot would miss. client side hit detection - which they have now added to gears 2 to a degree - actually tells the server "player A is at location x/y/z at time B facing direction C and fired a shot that hit player D". the server then gets this and instead of just going "he shot here", it goes "he shot here AND that shot hit player D". player D then drops dead from the shot. this is why you get the notorious double shotgun kills in games like Gears and Killzone.

now stop pretending you know what youre talking about when you clearly dont.

+ Show (9) more repliesLast reply 3241d ago
HolyOrangeCows3242d ago

"is because Microsoft has covered the cost of making the additional data available to users"

Correction: The USERS have covered the cost :P

xXxSeTTriPxXx3242d ago

sony doesn't want to be nickel and dime and neither do i.this should've came with the retail version of the game.

your trying to hustle me capcom, when pc gamers make their on costume mods and the community gets them for free.

DelbertGrady3242d ago

I bet 90% of you wouldn't blame Sony even if it was their fault :)

No matter who's fault it is it sucks for SF IV fans.

d3nworth13242d ago

The costumes are availible to buy if you want to. It's just if didn't buy them then you would be able to see them if you play against someone who bought them. The title of this article is misleadind.

Parapraxis3241d ago

Nice non-argument DelbertGrady.

dead_eye3242d ago

When I'm playing red dead with my mate he can see and take part in all the missions I got from DLC. He can even use the weapons if he takes them off me. Capcom just want more ££££

saladthieves3242d ago

In other words, they found a way of making extra money (idea from Microsoft) by selling these cash no costumes for Sony. Bummer.

hiredhelp3242d ago

LOL. how about capcom you shed some late xmas cheers and give it away for free. scrooges

Vherostar3241d ago

Wait did you have to pay for these costumes?? If so then there's your cost back.. If not then that's why devs USUALLY charge for this type of thing grats on CAP for making them free if they did though but it's only costumes if it was something like a map pack or new weapons you know a game changer then I think Sony would probably help out. Keeping PSN free costs a LOT of money and if they start allowing devs to upload everything like costumes for free they will never start to make a profit on the service.

Andronix3241d ago

There was a time when you only had to beat a game and you would be given all the alternative costumes and stuff.

Now it's all about giving gamers the same product, but chopping it into little pieces to make them pay for it.

Take any fighting game and people want costume changes for their characters. Capcom can't say they were surprised by this 'demand.' They should have just included them on the 360 DVD and the PS3 blu-ray. God knows they take up hardly any space.

assmonkey3241d ago


Your absolutely right! It's not Sony's fault Capcom didn't put more content on the disk!

Kurt Russell3241d ago

Why is this in the xbox related section?

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-Mezzo-3242d ago

Yeah, the old "It's not my fault its his".,

Arup023242d ago

Now let's see the fanboys trying to say it wasn't Sony's fault. If this happened with MS...

nsnsmj3242d ago

I'm not a fanboy and I don't think it's Sony's fault. Nor capcom's. If you want to see the dlc costume, then you'd buy it. Unless, there was no way to see what the costume looks like without buying it.

If that is the case, then yes I would blame Sony. Not for not being able to see the dlc in game, but not allowing a preview of what it looks like before purchasing.

khsmooth3242d ago

Yeah this is really not a blame game, it's just explaining the reason why other gamers who didn't purchase the dlc can not see the content when fighting against someone who did


Not a fanboy just someone who knows how big companies operate...see my response to HarryMonogenis above.

d3nworth13242d ago

Yes lets all blame Sony for not letting me see DLC that I didn't buy. (sarcasm) I you really want to see the new costume look it up on youtube or google.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3242d ago
GuyManDude3242d ago

Indeed. This is probably about how the conversation went:

Capcom: "We want to charge people for alternate costumes. I know that sounds a bit strange but our games don't sell anymore."

Sony: "I guess that's alright-"

Capcom: "And we want you to foot the bill for data fees."

Sony: "...Yeah no."


Sony: "I fail to see how that pertains to us. It's your crappy costumes, your data, your problem."


Sony: "Like we haven't heard that before. Good luck selling DmC."

Capcom: "GO TO HELL!"

UCMEandICU3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Yeah, all these big JPN developer studios that made their name off PS brand are now the ones back stabbing the very PS they got their fans from.

So you shaft your consumer base by not including small unlockable content like this on blu-ray disc in the first place, make them pay for it instead and get mad that Sony isn't willing to be shafted by you on this one...and then they wonder why stocks are down lol

Studio-YaMi3242d ago

You are my new Super Hero

sobekflakmonkey3242d ago

@GuyManDude, That sounds about right

visualb3242d ago

you sir....