Back to the Future: The Game Review [Game Revolution]

"It has always struck me as incredible that nobody has managed to make a decent game based on the franchise. Until now." ~ Eduardo Reboucas

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samurailincoln3243d ago

Great Scott! Glad to see this game doesn't suck. Can't wait to play it.

Brewski0073243d ago

Yeah good to see it getting great reviews. I was hoping it would, but I feared it might get bad reviews because it would surely be open to harsh criticism since most of the reviewers would be 80's kids.
I think i'll wait until all the episodes are released and available in a bundle for a cheaper price in a few months to play it myself. Heres hoping the game rejuvenates a great franchise.

edureboucas3243d ago

That's heavy, samurai, I can't approve anything yet!

Iamback3243d ago

game is very short and is getting 2 high scores if you ask me.

KDermod3243d ago

Telltale is good. I am excited to play the game. That being said: check this out to have a little heart attack.

BYE3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

This might be a good thing to grab on one of the next Steam sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.