Gemakei Game of the Year Awards

Gemakei writes: "2010 was a great year no matter what your system of choice was. As the sun sets on the year, let's look back at all the great titles."

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xino3244d ago

Instant FAIL already-
Best Adventure Red Dead:/
sorry but Adventure genre on it's own is actually different and they consist of games like Myst, Secretof Monkey Island,

The reason why games like Bayonetta, Red Dead, GoW etc are listed as Action Adventure is because Adventure games declined and developers merged Adventure with Action games. In the end you can't give an award to Adventure game genre alone because no big Adventure game deserves it unless if it's a social game.

WTF is Best Platformer? it's called Platform. A platformer relates to a game genre Platforming- Mario, Pitfall.
And the Wii is not the best Platform. PS3 gives you bluray, 720p games, Netflix, Hulu, web browsing, Lovefilm, Full media server, free online gaming, Move, motion 6 axis controller. WTF is really wrong with people?

Wow...people rating Red Dead as Best Graphics...I must have really played a different game O_o

I can't argue with Sonic Colours having best music, since that is what Sega are good at: making kick ass sonic music but gameplay sucks:/

Best Use of Motion should go to Heavy Rain Move Edition.

Biggest Disappointed on Metroid Other M is an opinion!
It's like another fanboy saying his own biggest disappointment was Lords of Shadow:/

A list made by someone who doesn't own a ps3. Get one...and you'll consider GOW3