LittleBigPlanet 2 Review - writes : "Media Molecule has created another charming and creative title"

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velocitygamer3244d ago

Oh god...another site that rates on a 6 scale...

Great score though!

Snatcher3244d ago

What's the problem with the 6 scale? It's based off a DICE.

disturbing_flame3244d ago

Everybody is looking for the game that will make a 7 with a dice. ;)

FrankMcSpank3244d ago


It's a Die, not Dice. Dice is plural, and the system isn't semetrical or logical for Americans or Metric system users. It's weird, but I'd rather have the 6 point system over the stupid 4/4 ratings of the NYTimes. That rating system is equivalant to: 1 = Fail, 2 = Fail, 3 = Crappy, 4 = Perfect. What kind of crap is that?

Jihaad_cpt3244d ago

@FrankMcSpank, why is it not logical? it's perfectly logical, with regards your argument of the 1-4 scale how is that different from a 1-5 scale? Also how is the scale not metric versus a 1-4 or 1-10 scale?

MariaHelFutura3244d ago

Dice are 6 for a good reason.

Tommykrem3244d ago

I agree that the four point scale is worse than the six point scale.
1. Terrible
2. Bad - Mediocre
3. Mediocre - Good
4. Good - Best game ever made

That's too much responsibility for each grade.
Just get a goddamn 10 point system. Preferably with decimals.

trevonn953244d ago

@frankmcspank u realy nead a life

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MariaHelFutura3244d ago

It`s a 6 out of 6 out of 6.


redsquad3244d ago

Considering LBP2 is a game that can literally be whatever you want it to be, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a maximum score at all.

MariaHelFutura3244d ago

I was in the beta and I would not be surprised AT ALL if LBP2 wins GOTY. The things you can do are really unimaginable and their reviewing these not based on what the amazing creators will do and in the beta the communtity was "one uping" MMs levels.

thenickel3244d ago

Yeah I've been hearing great things about this game. You guys have fun and hopefully after my nice summer I can pick it up a PS3 and start enjoying the best of both worlds.

HeavenlySnipes3244d ago

it was predicted by the mayans too. In 2011 the PS3 will dominate. LBP 2 has got the ball rolling with no score under 9/10.

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