How The 3rd Birthday Really isn't Quite Parasite Eve | 1UP Preview

1UP: On Christmas Eve, I embarked on a quest to save New York City from horrible mutant monsters. In fact, my efforts encompassed three different Christmas Eves. Specifically, on Christmas Eve 2010, I began playing The 3rd Birthday (the PSP sequel to 1998 PlayStation classic Parasite Eve), a game that revolves around heroine Aya Brea's efforts on Christmas Eve 2013 to project her consciousness into the minds of people who witnessed an otherworldly invasion of NYC on Christmas Eve 2012. The multiple layers of parallel holidays isn't really important to the game experience, but it was a nice little touch that made playing The 3rd Birthday a little more memorable.

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Handhelds_FTW3235d ago

To be Parasite Eve. The developers them selves said this.

Its a reboot of the Aya Brea character

RedDead3234d ago

Reason why it isn't called "parasite eve"

sobekflakmonkey3234d ago

Yeah, this is true, but to be honest the first parasite eve had the best gameplay IMO, such a cool way to battle, same goes for games like vagrant story, we need remakes on the ps3, and im not just talking HD versions of PS1 games, im talking like actually Remastering the games completely..

Godmars2903234d ago

Square lacks the skill to do that anymore.

Ponurasky3234d ago

with present state of Square I rather not want them to remake any game anymore (Tactics Ogre is an exception because in this case the orginal team is in charge).

tubers3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

LOL It isn't "Parasite Eve" hence the name of the Title. Sad to say that "PE" is dead ATM.

But hey! SE had some negotiation to be able to release PE1 and 2 to PSN, with this, there might be a small possibility for a PE3. Improbable but possible.

Anyway, IMO it was no way a bad SPIN-OFF of the PE series:

PE: Mitochondria: Aya in NYC, guns customization and skill customization.

T3B: Twisted: Aya in NYC, guns customization and skill customization + psuedo squad control.

Sure it's not the best game out there but IMO, it's one hella great title for a handheld console.

[B]With the experience in T3B PSP release and Mindjack PS3 release, I am hoping that this translates to a better Aya Brea (or PE if lucky) game for the HD consoles! [/B]

emk20043234d ago

im just hoping i they release a psn version for ps3. while there at it bring all the hand held kh games to. i dont get why they are so stuck on hand helds personally i think they would get the sales on psn just by porting them, i don't care if they don't upgrade the graphics, just make sure they use both joysticks.