Unwatermarked Screenshots of Tomb Raider Emerged

Here are some stunning screenshots and artworks of Tomb Raider without GameInformer Watermark. Klick on "Full-size image" to see the hd shots.

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ArtsyGamer3238d ago

Haha, now with added Tomb Raider watermark.

VenomProject3238d ago

LOL - I was thinking the same thing, what gives? XD

Brewski0073238d ago

I got a little too excited seeing Lara. :( the shame.

Rival_313238d ago

The watermark really detracts from the images. Just the thumbnail alone annoys me.

velocitygamer3238d ago

Don't you get it?! It's the pics without Tonbs Raider's nipples popping out...get it...watermark...oh fuck it.

inveni03238d ago

This new Lara cracks me up. I was looking at the font of a magazine in GameStop yesterday (my son dragged me in there), and I just kept imagining a bunch of fat art guys sitting around a table saying, "Hey, how can we make Lara even sexier?" And another guy says, "Easy...we make her raped..." And now that's what I think when I look at her. "My god, this girl's just been raped..."

VenomProject3238d ago


Every hot woman you've seen in any video game ever has been designed by a "fat art guy."

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ArtsyGamer3238d ago

Ugh, how did this get approved?

mushroomwig3238d ago

I approve, now tell me how beautiful Laras and Drakes baby would be. :)

CoLD FiRE3238d ago

As beautiful as you are ^_^ if that's you in the pic

mushroomwig3238d ago

It is, but I'm hardly beautiful. T_T

fooltheman3238d ago

hmmm don't lie to yourself...;)
taking a compliment won't hurt yourself

velocitygamer3238d ago

Yes! A girl gamer! A man's dream...

CoLD FiRE3238d ago

Although the picture is small I still can tell that you're beautiful. I think you're just being modest. xD

Spenok3238d ago

Lol. That would be a baby everyone in the world would need to witness for themselves. Its funny to see people freak out over a girl who plays games. Honestly its not that big a deal. Keep on gaming people! xD

xAlmostPro3238d ago

they would have awesome babies xD i also think a lara cameo would be aweome in the next uncharted game, maybe if they just had a brief encounter in a tomb xD

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ad4mb3238d ago

"Klick on "Full-size image" to see the hd shots."

is klick a new word?

mushroomwig3238d ago

Kick is not a new word but apparently it has new meaning.

CoLD FiRE3238d ago

It's Dutch not English!

WittyAdrian3237d ago

Lol, no it's not... In Dutch it would be 'Klik', so it's really more of a combination of the two xD.

gunboy733238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


screenshots posted on December, 31 2010 with Game Informer watermark are now with Tomb Raider watermark.

gunboy733238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

The visual are stunning !
Uncharted 3 opponent for GOTY 2011 ?

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