The Last Story – new scans

Thank Nintendo Dream for a new look at The Last Story for Wii.

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imoutofthecontest3240d ago

I might finally have to suck it up and buy a Wii for this.

eagle213239d ago

Do it...many more games to enjoy after. :)

FinalomegaS3240d ago

waiting on western release details...

but it looks like something worthy to get.

Online vs mode also...

matey3240d ago

its epic graphics and gameplay is just amazing oh this is the 3rd time Hironobu Sakaguchi has evolved the gameplay in a video game saying that the 2 before this are known as the best in the series in FF so its obviously a big deal when he evolves the game in this way and i cant wait to play the game the graphics look amazing with a lighting system that eclipses everything on the system and is on par with directx 9 lighting as well as the art style its fantastic and i want this game and Zelda SS as soon as wow

knifefight3240d ago

^ That is one incomprehensible post there.

kevco333239d ago

Still not sure about this...