MTV Multiplayer: LittleBigPlanet 2' Review

"With a sequel like "LittleBigPlanet 2" there's a fine line between creating a game that's simply more of its predecessor, and creating a game that improves on its predecessor. "LBP 2" falls into the later category, by taking a great game, and fine-tuning it in places where players didn’t even realize it was necessary. While the gameplay is still essentially the same, the creative tools that are included now are so fully-featured that the potential for the game is limitless. Other games have attempted to provide players with the tools necessary to create content, but they're all miles behind the advances that have come from Media Molecule. "LittleBigPlanet 2" continually proves that it's not only a game not only for people that like to play, but it's also a game for people that like to make things."

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clank5433240d ago

The all important MTV review. There's no way I could buy this game confidently without this review.

visualb3240d ago

seriously though, MTV MP, its huge, big deal for gamers..../s <_<

ScarT3240d ago

It does not support move? But.... The only reason i did not sell my PS Move was because of LBP2. Prehistoric moves = a seperate game.

LBP2 ≠ Move compatible!

FrankMcSpank3240d ago

LBP Prehistoric Moves was a beta demo to get the specs down. They will allow you to use Move in a DLC pack coming. It's a creator pack for Move, so you will be able to make game that use the Move controller and Nav. Yes this game is that amazing.

Neo Nugget3240d ago

Oh, well that's good news :)

FrankMcSpank3240d ago

No worries, I don't want people getting the GT5 syndrome thinking the game isn't complete. You also have to look at LBP2 like an MMO, it is ever growing. You review it for what it is. You can't gig it for what it may lack. That is just stupid. Plus we may even get EYE motion support as well. Who knows? Look at LBP and what a masterpiece is started at, then fast forward what it is now. Can you imagine what LittleBigPlanet 2 will be by the end of the year?

ScarT3240d ago

FrankMcSpank ->

Good to hear. I was starting to get pissed off for a sec.

Neo Nugget3240d ago

"While "Prehistoric Moves" is a nice addition to the overall "LittleBigPlanet 2" package, it's still surprisingly misleading to label "LBP2" as "Move Compatible." The entire story mode, and user-created levels have zero Move functionality, and even though "Moves" is enjoyable, it comes off as an afterthought just to support Sony latest product."

Sad face :(

Pixel_Enemy3240d ago

You are misinformed my friend. Move will be patched in as DLC.

Neo Nugget3240d ago

Glad to be proven wrong. Thanks :)

theafroman3240d ago

this review was a good read though.

mrv3213240d ago

So, I know this joke has been done but doesn't MTV stand for Music TV?

dkblackhawk503240d ago

lol yep but now the correct term would be media tv...

mrv3213240d ago

Aren't most TV stations related to media?

It's like having your radio statio named AFM, Audio FM
Your car named, A-BMW
Naming your console GC, game console

Music TV made sense when they played music.

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