12 Amazing Xbox 360-Exclusive Titles For 2011‎

Microsoft's Xbox 360 had its fair share of hits and misses in 2010. A number of great games had been released plus the arrival of the Kinect controller gave it a breathe of fresh gaming air. Of course the insatiable Xbox gamers are still hungry for more.

There are some very cool game titles coming for the Xbox 360 this year. Here is a list of the most anticipated Xbox 360-exclusive games which will be released in 2011.

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DualConsoleOwner3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Most of the games are coming on PC and PS3.
Like child of eden, XCom and etc.

And they list Rumored games as exclusives.... like Halo COmbat evolved remake...

Project Draco
both are not confirmed for 2011.

In the end, the 12 really means 2. Gears and Forza... thats it.

MintBerryCrunch3234d ago

unless its a proven game like Gears, then i dont understand why they are calling the games amazing without even getting a glimpse let alone a demo of some game play

Gears imo is of course something that you can look forward to

doa7663234d ago

-child of eden is not exclusive, there's a PS3 version, would you call resident evil 5 a PS3 exclusive because it has Move support and not Kinect?

-xcom is not exclusive, it has a PC version, PC is a gaming platform and therefore it's not exclusive: more than one platform = multiplatform, which is the opposite of exclusive

-games with words like codename and project on the title are almost for sure not to be released on the next 12 months

-halo remake? sureeeeee

-real gamers don't care about Kinect games, so the title of the article should be "2 amazing 360 exclusives for 2011" (gears 3 and forza4 )

doa7663234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )


please provide proof that any level of the PS3 version of LBP can be played on PSP and then we'll admit is not exclusive

edit: also, can you tell me if Little Big Planet 2 is an exclusive?

DualConsoleOwner3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

10 disagrees..

its not like i made it up. most those games listed are not exclusives or they are not coming in 2011.

and Halo Remake is a RUMOR at this point.

fanboys are sad i guess.

samuraiX3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )


Because the list is made by desperate 360 fa***ys.

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GWAVE3234d ago ShowReplies(18)
MariaHelFutura3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

They can`t write an artical that says "2 amazing Xbox exclusives for 2011"

They basically have to list multiplats. Plus there are ALOT of great multiplats this years 360 owners can enjoy, they just have NO exclusives...because they have 3 internal studios. You CAN`T keep pumping out exclusive titles if you don`t have internal development studios. If MS is going remain in the industry they should buy some more studios ASAP... it would be better for everyone...especially people who only own a MS console.

Sony3603234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Exclusive usually means "not available on the rival console" these days.

It's a Microsoft console, of course alot of the exclusive games will be ported to Windows; a Microsoft OS.

On the other hand, all of the "multi plats" will be superior on the 360, so I see nothing wrong with putting them there anyway :)

Shadow03234d ago

Console exclusives, most people like myself do not consider the pc as a gaming console even though it can be equal to or even very greater than any console. However the ps3 part does make a point

KEEPNITREAL3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

@ DualConsoleOwner
So basically what you are saying is that your are a ps3 troll , knowing that ps3 surprises early of what's coming in the future and xbox surprises later of whats coming in the future. Just shut the fuck up and quit your whinning and play games !!
All systems ( including kinect & move )are selling like pancakes regardless of what all you fanboys say !!!!

FACTUAL evidence3234d ago


AWWW! Why did you have to ruin the fun! It was better when the 360 fanboys thought they were going to have games for 2011.

Kurt Russell3234d ago

I may be mistaken, I thought it was fanboys who troll threads irrelevant to them just to make a dumb shit comment... I must be mistaken :/

Sony3603233d ago

You named yourself that ironically I assume.

actual_gamer3233d ago

The only PS3 exclusives i got last year were Heavy Rain and God of War 3, if it only came down to me getting Gears 3 on the 360 this year i wouldn't really mind. I'm looking forward to Crysis 2, Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex Human Revolution more than any this year. Just because it's exclusive doesn't automatically mean i want it. And so what if some of those games are on the PC too, unless you have a couple grand for a good enough machine to run them it might as well only be playable on a console to me

Squall50053233d ago

Hmmmm...who sneaked the word 'Amazing' in there?

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fucadastates3234d ago

this is just a weak list.

kinect, kinect, kinect and alot of them we no NOTHING about.. its like saying AGENT for ps3 will be the greatest game in the world!
and alot of rumoerd games..
but the best part.. multiplat games. and one thats coming out on the ps3 at the same time!! <- how that exclusive???

DualConsoleOwner3234d ago

AGENT is being made by Rockstar North, so there is high anticipation for it.

but for xbox, most of the games are being made by unknown devs.

except gears, forza. XCom is being made by 2K, but its not exclusives.

ssj2gohan833234d ago

To be more specific. Agent is considered a 2nd Party Title. Though, still exclusive.

Pixel_Enemy3234d ago

I picked an awful time to get a 360 lol. I just got one yesterday for the few exclusives I missed out on. I have owned my PS3 for years and just wanted to play Alan Wake, Limbo, Super Meat Boy and Gears 3. Looks like 2011 will be spent on my PS3

Keith Olbermann3234d ago

This is a sad..sad list of games. Forza and Gears will be great but how can they hype games they have no idea about?


Im only excited about 1 and that is gears of war 3

Somnipotent3234d ago

anyone else sick of these "exclusive" articles?

dexterganpot3234d ago

the only game i see on that list worth mentioning is gears of war 3, other than that that list was funny LOOL
made me laugh that was the worse list ive seen ever, am really looking forward to ps3 game line up this year, now thats what u call a smashing list, cant wait for uncharted 3 and killzone 3 and resistance 3 and lbp2 and many many more =)

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