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Snake-eater2846d ago

is they can get the price range right, this could be worth buying

GodsHand2846d ago

And what price is that? Based on the previous incarnations from Sony, they never bring a product out with suitable price range, it is always over priced for most consumers to cope with.

I myself will wait for the final product, and a few years later for a price drop.

WhittO2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

It's not price for me it is battery.

What is the point in adding all of this to a phone, when the battery will barely even last for 3 hours of gaming, leaving you without a phone to use for the day?

Currently, a "standard" smartphone game (like Angry Birds etc) will drain your battery at around 10% every 15-20 min of gaming, and that's with some power saves on etc.
How bad is it going to be when the phone is playing resource demanding games like ps1 titles for hours!!

The phone is also very thin, especially considering it has slide out controls, which means they haven't exactly got a big beefy battery to cope with both phone and gaming demands.

It is 1 or the other and anyone who buys this will end up stopping playing the games at all because they realise they actually need to use their phone in the day and will only play at home, which defeats the point of a PORTABLE HANDHELD!

GodsHand2846d ago

Yeah a battery concern is always a concern. But most people now a days just use the text messaging aspect of the phone, then to actually use it for voice communication.

WhittO2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

^^ lol no, I use my phone for email, web browsing, twitter, listening to music and watching youtube videos, ontop of texting and calling.

You don't have a smart phone like this just to text!

That's the point, it is NEVER EVER going to cope for more than a few hours of normal smartphone usage and gaming usage. You will have to choose one or the other to do on the phone in the day, and gaming will 80% of the time loose since most people actually NEED their phones.

Waste of money if you ask me...

Especially since it has touch navigation controls anyway that will get annoying changing from pressing a button to using a touch pad.
It would be worse than playing on a laptop! lol

Why have buttons at all, might aswell just leave them on the touchscreen if you aren't going to put in a good analogue like on PSP.

jack_burt0n2846d ago


Thats a bit redundant considering if you do all that on your phone with gps pinging and ur email on constant fetch you wont get through the day as it is on any smartphone.

What i do know is that xperia android phones do a good job battery wise compared to others that plus the battery knowledge gained from psp go etc it will be interesting to see what it pumps out. IT might even end up being the best smart phone battery yet.

WhittO2846d ago


Exactly, I have fetch and push notifications etc turned off and other battery saves and my phone (iphone) lasts comfortably to the end of the day when I put it back on charge.

What I am saying is there is no way you will be able to actually USE any of these features on your smartphone if you wanted to play these games on it too.

A battery is a battery, they are mostly standard used in all smartphone devices, the only difference is some power saves some of them use, this phone wont magically last longer than any of the others, it will prob use an identical battery to the other xperia phones.

silvacrest2846d ago

i have no proof but looking at how thick this device is, im gonna say it has a rather substantial battery, most good batteries range from 1250 mAh to 1500, i believe this phone will have 1700 to 2000 simply because of the point you listed

if they end up using a standard battery i would be bitterly disappointed

HappyGaming2846d ago

The PSPhone will run on a cold fusion reactor that fuses together hydrogen molecules obtained from the water vapor in the air.

It will be able to run for 150 days on a single drop of water.

And if you find your self in the desert just place it under your armpit for a few seconds until its water deposits refill.

Bathyj2845d ago

Jeeze Whitto, negative much?

I game, call, email, watch video and all that and still get a days use from my iPhone.

Why would the PS Phone be any different?
Dont you think someone thought of that?

Personally I need a new phone soon. This is what I wanted PSP to be from the start. Ive never got one because I didnt want to carry a handheld AND a phone with me everywhere.

I was going to get a HTC android phone this year but this might be even better.

rockleex2845d ago

Sony better make the PS Phone and PSP2 compatible.

Otherwise developers will have their audiences split, and when they can't choose between the two... they'll just go straight for the 3DS.

Spinal2845d ago

Alot of Negative people. I use an iPhone 4, i game, make calls, txt, twitter, surf web, youtube through the day at work an my battery lasts the whole day without much of any problem. But of course where im at work im not on the device all the time so it is used generally when im waiting for somethin or someones txtin me.

I would happily sell my iphone 4 for the psphone. simply for the control pad. If it plays ps1 or psp games its total win. Even if it did have a poor battery life. For one i drive to work so id have a car charger an a Charge at my work desk. So I couldnt care for battery life if this device has the features I want.

WhittO2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

^^ lol ye I know I'm being negative but I got my hopes up when I heard about this, I thought it would be PSP2, a really great gaming device that is capable of being a phone, not the other way round.

This is just an Android phone with a D-Pad.

Which isn't a bad thing, just a bit underwhelming considering what they could do if they made a full PSP2 that has mobile functionality.
Atleast they aren't attaching the name "Playstation" to it...

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RememberThe3572846d ago

"Anyhow, this is the first time we're seeing the Xperia Play (or Zeus Z1, or whatever it'll end up being called) running [Android] 2.3 in the wild"

poopface12845d ago

Is it a psp1 with a phone? In other words can it play the dl PSP games, or will it just play minis, certain psn games, and ps1 games.

A phone that plays the DL PSP games too would be sweet, but I think I will wait to see the psp2 before this.

Kurt Russell2845d ago

It's a phone that will never have any battery life for making calls due to the fact you're playing games on it. Or to put it simply, a waste of money and a poor attempt of jumping onto the over rated mobile phone imarket.

Vaud-Villian2845d ago

Apparently its a prototype maximum efficiency panty ruffler

davekaos2845d ago

looking sweet i must say, looks like i will upgrade my contract to this when its out.

a reply to a few of the posts in this thread:
I have the xperia x10i whih i got on launch which had a £500 price tag, however i did what most people did and got this on contract, so for £35 a month i got the phone 1000mins unlimited txt's and unlimited browsing. I would say pretty good deal.

As for battery life i listen to music on my for for around 1 hour then when im on the train to work im either browsing N4G or playing angry birds, then im txt'n throughout the day followed by what i did on the way to work on the way home. Battery still has around 15% sometime more and i work a 12hour shift.

So if the psphone is anything like that im happy

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jack_burt0n2846d ago

Cant wait to try it out, GOW and GT on me phone!?

jay22846d ago

Hi next phone, can't wait to meet you.

jay22846d ago

How can you disagree that this'll be my next phone lol?

Spinal2845d ago

[email protected]

My Thoughts Exactly. Cant wait to unwrap my next phone :) those magical symbols on the gamepad !

Batzi2846d ago

ditching my Blackberry for this baby!

GodsHand2846d ago

But the blacker the berry the sweeter the ......... n/m