5 Things Elder Scrolls V Must Avoid

Bethesda is unquestionably one of the industry's premier groups of master artists, capable of building ludicrously immersive and compelling worlds. With its 5th Elder Scrolls game, it has the chance to create the defining open world RPG. Here's hoping the team avoid these five gaping pitfalls.

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Xfanboy3241d ago

Console Port.. The last Elder Scrolls was not the best to me..

Substance1013241d ago

Lets just hope the PC version isnt compromised due to consoles.

RedDragan3241d ago

I would prefer they looked to avoid these 5 things:

1 - Bugs
2 - Bugs
3 - Bugs
4 - Bugs
5 - Bugs

If they fix these 5 stumbling blocks then it will be vastly superior to the previous Elder Scrolls 4 and Fallout 3/NV

Sarcasm3241d ago

Meh, honestly this can be said about most PC games nowadays. I wish none of them are console ports.

Oh well, we can only dream for a PC game made from the ground up to utilize powerful hardware.

If it is a console port, let's just hope the game comes out amazing already so that the PC version will still run better in higher resolutions.

imvix3241d ago

Console tech is just too old now. Keeping it as the lowest denominator just ensures powerful PC hardware is never used, unless the user decides to play on some crazy resolution like 5760*1080p (aka 3 sreens).

This should be a concern for AMD, Intel and Nvidia, people with 2-3yr old hardware already dont have a reason to upgrade.

Xfanboy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Thank god for BF3!! & the Witcher 2!!

MAJ0R3241d ago

well we are going to learn lots of new information in tomorrows gameinformer so lets hope they show some screens

Bolts3241d ago

You guys are making it sounds like Bethesda made you play Oblivion and Fallout with a gamepad in your hand and thats not true. Yeah there were a few interface compromises like the epic and messy inventory, but thats easily solved with PC mods. Speaking of which mods makes all of their PC versions infinitely superior to the console versions.

JsonHenry3241d ago

I hope that they make the landscape more diverse like it was in Morrowind.

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TABSF3241d ago

When I have played any Gamebryo engine game its never dropped to horrible frame rates. it does look dated but with modified INI files its can look great.

Another thing I love about the Gamebryo engine is the modding and the console commands, I've had so much fun on Elders Scroll and Fallout modding and doing awesome commands.

For example on Fallout 3 when you complete Operation Anchorage and the rouge Brotherhood of Steel turn on the scientists, well using the resurrect command I just watch the AI pwn each other LOL

Lucreto3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

A big thing for me is the VA. They learned their lesson from Oblivion that 3 or 4 voice actors are not enough. The VA in fallout way very good lets hope it will be better again.

I think some of the better parts of the Fallout series will work here. The perk system can be used the counteract some of the leveling issues like in the article.

I hear some people want a VATS system in Skyrim but that will be going too far.

koehler833241d ago

They didn't learn that lesson at all. They still only used 4 actors in F03. 2 men and 2 women. New Vegas seems to have a bit more diversity, but I'm still hearing repeats 2 or 3 towns over.

BatClarkeee3241d ago

the number 2 reason is absolutely silly. making enemies level with you keeps you prepared for every fight. people say oh but the enemies are too strong wahhhh.
well when you get further into the game and your skills increase you do become stronger then enemies.

Bluemaster773241d ago

No scaling enemies kinda defeat the purpose of grinding for your levels because you will never feel powerful nor will you feel the excitement of danger when traversing unknown terrains

LastDance3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

crappy wooden sword - takes 4 hits to kill an enemy.

Awesome amazing glass sword made in the firey depths of some generic dwarf land that you can only use when your lvl 20 - takes 4 hits to kill the same enemy.

See the problem there?

Orbis3241d ago

I hope they rectify the way characters "slide" over the terrain when running sideways as well. That animation looked cheap as hell. Make their hips turn or something, whatever, just make sure they don't look like ice skaters.

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The story is too old to be commented.