Tiger Woods returns with PGA Tour 12 but boxart stars the Masters Tournament

XMNR: Electronic Arts is up for another round of golf with Tiger Woods but the sell for the new game won't be with the troubled golf star but instead it will focus on the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.


Two trailers and a bunch more screenshots were added after this was approved.

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offdawall3238d ago

golf is dead without tiger woods

Queasy3238d ago

It lived before Tiger Woods and it will live after Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods will be dead (metaphorically) unless he can get back to his winning ways. Nobody cares whether or not he's gone to rehab and is a good guy now. They want to see a winner.

sinclaircrown3238d ago

No, sports tend to exist before and after the current stars..

On topic: kinda bumed with no mention of Kinect support. Move will be awesome though. Was just hoping to try TW with kinect. Thought it would be a no brainer for EA.

Queasy3238d ago

Probably trying to figure out how to get players to swing properly without holding something. That's an advantage that the Wii and Move have as far as golf games go.

Checkmate3238d ago

it became more interesting and exciting when tiger became pro.

Queasy3238d ago

Golfing games aren't for everyone but they have a following...

jay23238d ago

Not my kind of thing, but someone who acts like Tiger, stupid name anyway he doesn't deserve a game.

matey3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

why are EA sucking off 360/ps3 when there biggest audience is wii 4 this game they still give us character models that are no where near what wii can do not even close its basically dreamcast graphics on a console that has a gpu equivilent to Radeon x1600 its a joke i dont buy EA games anymore and i wont buy 1 EA game 4 3DS either im sick of this i remember when wii came out ign thought the system would have some games better looking than 360 because the wii only had to handle 480p and has a 2 billion pixel fill rate but publishers didnt invest and deserve to be in last place with zero support when wii2/3ds are on store shelves i hope EA no they have dug there hole and it will be hard to get out of it with the ultra poor visuals they have put out this gen on nintendo platforms i mean wii is like 4 ps2 or 3 gamecubes with higher clock rates and 4 times the RAM and they cant match the HD consoles in graphics what a joke there power is 4 HD resolution wii doesnt require that power so in 480p with a fairly powerful hardware they should have no problem matching the visuals they choose to make there money on 360/ps3 and downscale there wii games so much so that it makes people buy the 360/ps3 versions everytime are they thick

matey3238d ago

also look at GT4 ps2 its not that far away from GT5 on ps3 and the difference in power is a joke the wii can do all things like HDR/AA ect ps2 could only fake these things yet the wii cant get hot persuits in all its glory what a joke i hate EA and will never buy there games as im happy gaming on wii and will be even happier when im on my 3DS/Wii2

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