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UGO: Do you have any idea how many great games are slated to come out this year? From long-awaited sequels to groundbreaking originals, here are 11 of the games you should preorder now.

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VersusEM3235d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be (inserted word here)

FrankMcSpank3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

...the only saving grace for Square Enix and console games.

Well this or Kingdom Hearts III. But knowing what they have done, I can assume it'll dissapoint.

Capt-FuzzyPants3235d ago

Not a great comment. I mean cmon its going to be amazing so just say dont let other people finish what you started to say.

LoaMcLoa3235d ago

If it won't come here, I'll just import it ;D Though, it will be hard to understand without any translation

PickAShoe3235d ago

good things come if we wait

Mcardle3235d ago

I would take on a family curse to play Skyrim just now.... You decide what curse.

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