HOME Beta Updated: HOME Square, Backgammon, Chess, and DivX?

They got a care package from a member who is a HOME beta tester. Enjoy!

"It seems the HOME beta has been updated and ready for download by current testers. With this update the HOME Square that was shown at E3 has finally been made available to testers. From what I understand many changes have been made to the HOME beta and they're very well received by beta participants. One of the changes I was informed of is that they've broken locations down to optional downloads. For example if you didn't desire to visit the theater you didn't have to download it. It make for a much smaller core download and allows users to define their own experiences. Anyhow less talk and more screenshots, enjoy!"

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mighty_douche5153d ago

does this mean i can burn divx movies off my pc onto a dvd and watch them on the ps3? i hope so! AVI would be nice to!

bigmack5153d ago

Home is lookin better then-ever!!

Swe_Goliath5153d ago

omg,, look at the square, with the sliding doors, the elevator, the hotel with all the balcony , the chess tables...

I can nearly feel the sun on my face when i having a barbecue on the balcony to my ome with my friends, and after that we go down and play some chess and wait for some other friends, ,, o look down there is my friend **** lets go and watch a trailer with him.

Well here my *** friend come,, lets start up some R6V ,,
- Man i cant, promised to have a BQ to my friends later tonight ,,come over if ya want, i can invite ya, and you can come if ya want :)

I am sorry mate, i am going to the 18+ tonight with some other friends and play some Texas Holdem,,,

OMG OMG ,,, sony is doing this grait, i think this thing will blow the roof of...

Amsterdaam5153d ago

You know what would really be awesome? Actually going outside, having a barbecue, and actually eating food that you actually made! Then, you can pull out a chess board and actually play some chess!

These kind of things make me feel bad for the people using them. Virtual communities do nothing but seperate people from their actual communities. Game systems are for playing games, then you go out and actually do something!

THE_JUDGE5153d ago

hopefully with this update they will start rolling out the public beta and announce a date at TGS.

Bebop5153d ago

Way to go Sony !

This will Definitely help to reel in plenty from the internet communitys.

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The story is too old to be commented.