13 Awesome PS3-Exclusive Titles For 2011

2010 has delivered a lot of amazing games for our favorite console: the PS3. And now that the year is over, we now move into the possibilities of 2011.

Many Playstation 3 exclusives is just too awesome to pass this 2011. These games are increasingly becoming some of our most highly anticipated.

Here are the top 13 best PS3 exclusives heading your way starting in 2011!

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Snake-eater3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

they may as well release a game every month and still end up having to squeeze more games in the same month

Cloudberry3242d ago

And the article's pic is YAKUZA 4. :D

Yakuza 4 English version is at March 15th 2011 in the US & March 25th 2011 in Europe region.

saladthieves3242d ago

There are frankly too many PS3 exclusives coming out this year!! But this is a good thing. Better have lots than have nothing at all. I was thinking of getting Yakuza 3 seeing how I've never actually tried to play one of the series. Anyone have any thoughts? Is it actually good?

UCMEandICU3242d ago

The fighting mechanics seemed too old school and outdated to me but many people love it though.

saladthieves3242d ago


I just wanted to put all the other awesome exclusives lined up for this year aside for like 2 minutes and then see how Yakuza fared/played. I guess I'll borrow the game from a friend and give it a try

ThanatosDMC3242d ago

Damn good game. Doesnt matter if you havent played 1 and 2. Just watch the movie summary on the main menu or at the beginning of the new game. One of the best games i've played on the PS3.

saladthieves3242d ago

Okay. I guess I'll try it then!...running out of bubbles! Anyway I'll give it a try and I don't want to dismiss a game that has the potential of appearing to me.

akiraburn3242d ago

I definitely recommend it egidem, even with the content that got cut during localization it's still longer and much more fun than most games out there. And as Thanatos said, you don't need to have played the prior Yakuza games, as they will go over a very thorough re-cap of what happened in the first two Yakuza games.

If you even relatively enjoy or are interested in Japanese culture, you'll most likely dig these games. It's like a mix of Action, Beatem-up, RPG, and with a ton of very thorough mini games as well. This series surprised me immensely, because originally I wasn't expecting much from it overall, but it quickly and easily became one of my favorite game series out there.

mastiffchild3242d ago

Yakuza3 was one of the best games I've played this generation regardless of platform. Sure, I might be a series fan but it's as accessible as you'll find in the series and the content(esp now you can pick it up dirt cheap) offers amazing value and the writing, acting and plot are all way above the game norm.

As for some not rating the combat: I get what they mean saying it's either a bit old school or stiff and slow but that isn't the full story and once nyou find the right rhythm you'll unlock a lot of depth you maybe didn't expect to see-some of the boss fights were really good and Kaz is the World's biggest badass too.

Anyway, it's, what, £15 in a lot of places now and for that price the excellent minigames alone make it worthwhile so when you add in some of the best writing and acting around(I love the Japanese voicework as it just carries the right emotion so much better than the usual lack lustre dub does)it becomes more than a must play. you really owe it to yourself to, at the very least, find out if it's the series for you.

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NYC_Gamer3242d ago

spoiled with exclusives :)

jack_burt0n3242d ago

after dead space 2, not buying any multiplats @ release.

UCMEandICU3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I think most PS3 gamers will be similar to you too. Maybe 1 or 2 multiplat games @ full price but over 90% of PS3 gamers purchases will be exclusives while waiting for either price drops or used sales for some multiplat games in summer or something.

It doesn't matter what genre, it seems Sony's either got you totally covered or atleast partially. Should FFvs release this year then wow!

For me the only multiplat game I think I'll be buying is Portal2. I'm not the kind of gamer that plays a game for 8hrs and stops. There are way too many games to keep up with on the PS3 is I don't think I'll get round to many multiplats 'till next year maybe.

Commander_TK3242d ago

What? U mean you're not getting L.A. Noire day 1?!

xtremexx3242d ago


VersusEM3242d ago

I'm getting tired of all these sequals both in gameing and in the movie industry. I want more new ips. Something invoative. I mean I like all these games and all but I would love some new ips even more.

remanutd553242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

you mean like Journey , Sorcery or The Last Guardian ? , gotta remember the majority of those "sequels" have been created by sony this generation and they are still pumping out new IPs but yes i want more new IPs too , i want Media Molecule to create a new IP after LBP 2 , i want Evolution Studios to create a new IP after Motorstorm Apocalypse , we know Guerrilla Games are working on something new

Pixel_Enemy3242d ago

"I'm getting tired of all these sequals"

I'm sorry, what did you just say? Isn't your Avatar from Final Fantasy 32?

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