A tribute to gaming cliches

Scrawl: "Despite the painstaking efforts developers employ to ensure their latest release appears as ‘realistic’ as possible, it’s always the little things – or sometimes painfully obvious things – that let them down. If, like me, you have a friend that compares almost every aspect of a particular game to the rules and expectations attached to reality, then there’s little doubt that you’ll understand this article. And please, don’t take this article too seriously."

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Stunt3919d ago

Very valid arguments, there.

The Matrix3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

"Cover me while I hack this door!" *Enemies magically start appearing as soon as he says this* *Kills the last of the enemies* "Ok, now it's open."

GameTavern3919d ago

Some of them are just easier to deal with like the elevator, though some games offer you the option to use buttons and the likes.

VenomProject3919d ago

This article made me lol.

Arup023919d ago

Nice article. Classic cliches, like exploding barrels and indestructible crates are lol

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The story is too old to be commented.