Sony Soars To The Music Cloud With Qriocity

What devices will be able to access this service? Sony’s 2010 models of network-enabled Bravia TV, Blu-ray Disc player, Blu-ray Disc Home Theater system, PlayStation 3 as well as VAIO and other personal computers. Sony says that it will also eventually be usable on Sony’s portable devices, as well as Android-based mobile devices (possibly even those not made by Sony Ericsson). The availability on PlayStation 3 and Android-based mobile devices are the most exciting. The PS3 is turning into a one-stop shop for everything, and one of the current weaknesses is music. Qriocity would turn this weakness into a strength immediately. Also, the ability to access over six million tracks on the go via my Android phone is also encouraging. The main issue is that nothing in life is free.

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dexterganpot3238d ago

ive got the service on my ps3 and its really good, i was shocked to see it had genres from the Caribbean where am from so i was happy not much services have those genres which is the music i mostly listen to, e.g. reggae, soca, dancehall.
cant wait for the service to come to my psp so i can have it on the go also.

Pug3238d ago

I totally didn't know this existed. Interesting read, 11 dollars a month is nothing so I'm going to get involved in this. Looks really good, my PS3 will soon become the hub for everything in my house which makes everything nice and simple.

FAGOL3238d ago

Good selection of music. Love to see a iPhone app.

ElementX3238d ago

Qore, Qriocity.... Spelling words differently just to be cool is actually pretty stupid.

LordStig3238d ago

what like the scifi channel becoming SYFY, i hope that whoever thought changing it to that got bloody fired.

Tony-A3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Kinda like i"followed by something" (iPod/Pad/Phone/Home), or "Kinect", or "Wii", or McDonald's making Mc"followed by something"?

Or DRIV3R? Or F3AR? Or "TruTV" instead of True? Or X-Play?

I agree. Luckily, none of that makes the channel/game/item less enjoyable.

shadowfoxdx3238d ago

Pandora on ps3 would be awesome

Voodoochild753238d ago

I listen to pandora through my PS3 all the time. Just use the browser to go to pandora and you are gold.

Dark_king3238d ago

I think he ment an Pandora app like netflix.I want Sony to release a music services that can be used in game.If the music is streamed from online then the MS patent wouldn't cover it.But most people don't have good enough bandwidth to play there game online without heavy lag as it is.