Ebay : 14000$ for a very rare VirtualBoy capture device

Want to buy the rarest VirtualBoy item ever ? According to the seller, only two VirtualBoy capture devices exist today. Are you ready to sell your kidney and your house to be the best nintendo fan on the Earth ? 14000 dollars yes, but free shipping included.

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Diablokiev3240d ago

Got 15$ in my pocket. Anyone with 13985 bucks ?

mrv3213240d ago

Does it capture in 3D? I can see websites buying this in order to get out 3D content.

Brunow3240d ago

I don't think so. There is a single screen on the device and the video signal is scart or composite. Only one signal, only one image so 2D. But it was useful back in the 90's for the magazines screenshots.