Little Big Planet 2 - CD Action Review

Polish gaming magazine CD Action reviewed Little Big Planet 2 with a 8/10 score calling it " a great and extremely fun platformer but it feels like more of the same "

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SnakeMustDie3241d ago

Are they reviewing the Soundtrack?

GWAVE3241d ago

What's with these below-average scores from no-name European websites?

Whatever. An opinion score (a.k.a "professional" review) won't dampen my childish excitement for this game. Bring it on! I'll see you all on the servers in a few weeks!

mushroomwig3241d ago

I'm sorry but how the hell can 8/10 be considered below average?

Am I living in some kind of twilight zone?

MariaHelFutura3241d ago


I think he`s saying they`re lower than the american scores. Since they seem to be giving it 9s.

Or maybe, just maybe.....this is the Twilight Zone.

hay3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

@SnakeMustDie: No, it's pretty big polish gaming magazine originating from the late 90's.

1. Rewiever didn't like the game's style saying it looks like through the eyes of a person on LSD. What's not to like in LSD? /joke
2. He mentioned he'd prefered it on PC.
3. Doesn't appear to like creative/platformer games at all.
4. Says it's more of the same(when it's clearly not).
5. It's quite shallow review.
6. Rated singleplayer alone as 7, but gave "complete product" an 8.

It's basically crap review.

fooltheman3240d ago

But sackboy is more of the same...That's a plus for me...

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DJMarty3241d ago

Reviewing LBP2 without Online is dumb. The servers arn't even live yet.

HolyOrangeCows3240d ago

Online is too big of a part of LBP2 to not review it.

IP A I N3238d ago

How did you know..?
I read it'll be live WITH some of the beta levels just for reviewers..
and it'll be taken away (the levels) afterwards

Snatcher3241d ago

Every sequel feels more of the same, so this review is horrible. I don't mind more of the same. Because LBP was fucking AWESOME, and I love creating, and all those new features...


OMG another 8!!!...Expect to c comments saying this site is bias. :/

RedRedSuitSDF3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Expect sites like spong?... that just gave it a 9.9 to be praised! :D

blackburn53241d ago

'LBP2 feels like more of the same' . Hey Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime, Halo, Gears, COD, MW and Madden. This site has an 8 to give you. Come and pick it up.

Ducky3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

CoD and MW are redundant in your list.

Although Metroid Prime wasn't more of the same, unless if you mean corruption, which actually got knocked for being so.

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The story is too old to be commented.