In-Game Chat for MMOs Revolutionized

While most MMO's are using text, chat some do have some sort of voice chat that just doesn't work out quite right. Say you are in-game trying to complete an objective and you need help. There are plenty of other people around who are on the same task but doing their own thing, what next?You have to click or navigate menus to open a chat box while you are in the middle of the battle? Alternatively, try to flag down one of the many people who are running around and get their attention using non-verbal communication to get some help.

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-Mezzo-3244d ago

Agreed, it is, but MMO's never appealed to me,

ArtsyGamer3244d ago

Just what we need, more kids shouting obscenities for no reason at everyone.

Hitman07693244d ago

Some of the new ones are actually getting some good gameplay features.


love that word 'revolutionized'

Hayabusawoman133244d ago

I would like to have chat ability but also have an easy mute option so I can mute those kids that are shouting for nothing..

dkblackhawk503244d ago

lol revoulutionized nice article

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