Lionhead hope to "spill the beans" on Fable III PC version soon

Lionhead have said they can’t currently say anything about the delayed PC version of Fable III – but that they hope to be able to start talking soon.

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Letros3243d ago

Hoping they did something creative with the PC version, expanded multiplayer or something, please don't act like mouse support and keyboard chat is what you've been working on this whole time.

ATi_Elite3243d ago

Nope that's pretty much it. 48 hours to port the game to PC and 6 months to add in KB/M support.

2 more months to make new box art to read "Fable 3 Enthusiast Edition" Enthusiast meaning KB/M support.

Charmers3243d ago

ROFL they actually think anyone cares about this on the PC now ? It wasn't even that well received on the xbox it is gonna die on the PC. As a PC gamer this game is at best a £2 steam sale buy. It will come with GFWL and in my book that reduces the games value to bargain bin pricing.

Pandamobile3242d ago

There are way too many games coming out in 2011 for me to even consider buying this.

Not the best timing, Microsoft.

StarScream4Ever3241d ago

They better at least make some improvement from the console version especially the ending. >:(