IGN: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

There's no denying that LittleBigPlanet 2 is an amazing game. It's fun, clever, deep, engaging and great to try out with friends. The only issue is that some of the same frustrations from the last game are still present. Still, the ability to make games and not just levels outweighs any con. LittleBigPlanet 2 is a blast to play, and that's without the thousands of cool levels people are about to start posting.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.5
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.5

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Snake-eater3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

a solid score, but you would think they would give above 9 given how they praise

Iamback3821d ago

so 9 is now solid? You people need to get a life. 9.5 or 9 same crap , it means awesome game, buy it, play it and shut up about score.

candystop3821d ago Show
RememberThe3573821d ago

Thanks for generalizing. How about I generalize and talk about how 360 guys only talk about sales. Or maybe I can talk about how 360 gamers only play shooter.

Everything we both just said is wrong because it generalizes form a small sample.

@Snake: There is no reason to get butthurt about a 9, in fact on the contrary it's a reason to be happy. But I guess some people just want to complain.

Bathyj3821d ago

2 million levels on game that was never heard from again?


DualConsoleOwner3821d ago

It should have gotten 10 on lasting appeal..

just look at these amazing custome games.

Fist of CraftEarth- check this out. amazing

FF7 remake- skip to the end

Marvelvs Capcom vs Sony

a sport game trailer

Retro_Zombie3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )


I would appreciate you not lump all us PS3 gamers together in the same pile.

GWAVE3821d ago

Great review! WOOOOO! Can't wait to play this game with my wife in just a few weeks!

anh_duong3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

regardless of what the recent editor says ign have recently been consistent giving ps3 exclusives lower scores than metacritic average..

not sure why..

but it doesn't really matter since lbp transcends fanboyish due to it's undeniable charm.. if you don't like lbp2 then i think you are missing out of what really constitutes gaming i.e. fun and innovation

Ducky3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )


Which exclusive are you talking about?
GT5, HeavyRain and GoW3 sit at a metacritic just below IGN's score. (I only checked those three games)

Seems like they've been giving fine reviews recently.
Besides, LPB is so unique that someone can just look at the game and decide if they want it or not.

candystop3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I'm not lumping all PS3 gamers in one pile. My comment was directed at PS3 fanboys which I see now has to be typed.

LBP2 just like anything does not need to appeal to everyone. Some will like and some wont end of story! I could honestly say the same thing about kinect but that's my opinion!

HolyOrangeCows3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

-Creation Woes

So his only major gripe is that in the 3 days that he played LBP2 ("Beat it in a Saturday", no doubt last Saturday), he didn't become a master at level creation?

AEtherbane3821d ago

Not only does IGN need to work on their writing but...
(9 + 9 + 9 + 9.5 + 9.5)/5 = 9? I know its not an average, but IGN, your bias is showing!!!

NonApplicable3820d ago


They got rid of the overly precise .1-4 scale and instead round the score from half a point to a full point.

So gone are the days of 9.2s, the 9s and 9.5 are here to stay.

poopface13820d ago

this game is getting alot of 9-10s, I dont see how anyone can complain about that.

Looks great, I wasnt much of a creator in LBP1 but playing other peoples levels is great fun.

ngecenk3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

in a gaming industry where shooters, racing and fighting are everywhere, 9/10 is a solid score for platformer that dont have 'mario' brand on it

HSx93820d ago

horrible review, the guy gave the game a thumbs down because he's horrible at making levels, and what's the deal with this guy and the word "sucks" isn't he working for a professional company? I didn't know a reviewers vocabulary could be as low as a 1st grader. I was in the beta and yes the creator mode is complicated, but I got used to it and made an amazing level called "Telekinetic Sackboy" which became very popular, whoever this guy is, he needs a better education and more self esteem. Decent score overall, bad review.

insomnium23820d ago


OMG those vdeos make me want to get this game so bad. Good times.

anh_duong3820d ago

apologies, i wasn't actually clear in my comment..

i meant to say recently ign have rated ps3 exclusives lower relative to their metacritic score compare to xbox exclusives relatives to their metacritic scores..

i am not sure why this has suddenly happened because ign were actually rating ps3 exclusives high int the past.

don't believe me then do the analysis yourself on recent titles..

btw i did this same analysis on Edge and Eurogamer magazine i long time ago..

i statistically proved (before anyone else) that Eurogamer were FAIR reviewers whilst EDGE had a distinct bias against ps3 games..

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Rage_S903821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

a 9 is awesome seriously people have too high a standard these dayz

clank5433821d ago

It sure is! Remember that IGN also has a .5 score system now you score mongers, so its probably a little above a nine. Anyways, he also gave two good points about why it got that score. The load times are still long in the tooth and the creation mode has so much going on its extremely intimidating for people who just want to make simple stuff. I actually thought this was one of the better reviews from IGN recently.

fooltheman3821d ago

...long long...long is subjective...

Kurt Russell3820d ago

Fairly informative review as well.

It won't stop some people pissing and moaning about how they believe it could only possibly be a 10, and how IGN is biased against all their beliefs :/

Abash3821d ago

A 9 is a great score. I don't know why people act like every PS3 exclusive has to score a 10

AndrewRyan3821d ago

9 is a good score. But considering there are millions of levels within the game itself I think it deserves a better score but that is just me.

FAGOL3821d ago

9 is a great score. Only a handful of games are worthy of 10. If every game got a 10 then what would make it special.

RedDead3820d ago

Ok AndrewRyan, i've said this plenty of times, million's of levels doesn't mean that they will be better than any game in each genre, Lbp is a game of every genre now, but none of the creations in Lbp will be as good as a game dedicated to one genre. If you see what I mean, i've been told the fact you are creating things is why Lbp is good, which is fine. It is sorta compared to lego, you have hundreds of pieces, do with them what you want. That;s all though, millions of levels doesn't equal a few quality levels.

Minifig3820d ago

It deserves a 10 because the only niggle they had with it was the creation mode, which is down right stupid.

ps3rider3820d ago

this is a ps3 elusive, why u r here

Kazu0 Hirai3820d ago

Thank you for saying by far the most intelligent thing in this PS3 fanboy thread. LBP2 might be great. but its not the second coming of christ.

Kurt Russell3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Minifig... you'll find creation mode is one of the main things they've been punting with the LBP series, so no, you're off by a country mile.

& Kazu0 - it's a bit silly referring to people as PS3 fanboys when this is clearly a PS3 related topic.

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Snake-eater3821d ago

9 is awesome but you can only compare it to the first game, which had a greater reveiw score, yet they admit the second installment has more feature but gave it a lower score

SJPFTW3821d ago

yes that is because most sequels seem less fresh does not mean inferior. 9 is an awesome score i personally had fun with games that had lower scores on metacritic (ex. Just Cause 2). like seriously who gives a shit

Rage_S903821d ago

the first 1 broke new ground just think about how many games got inspired by it(mod nation)this is of course better but not quite as ground breaking

Undeadwolfy3821d ago


People do give a shit. The scores matter because gamers like us will buy the game because of what we think of it. The score wont matter much. Gamers enjoy the game. But for those who want a casual game or are casual gamers, they will look at the score, and albeit the score is pretty high, but when there are two games which are similar, one gets a higher score than the other when gamers know it shouldnt, the mass casual gaming consumers arent going to look at the details. They are simply going to look at the score and go "ah that got lower than the other thefore ill buy this one".

TheLeprachaun3821d ago

IGN rate on a 20 point scale now, rather than a 100 point one. A 9 is 18/20, I fail to see how that's a bad score.

kinf-of-zon3821d ago

Because they rated the first game a 9.5 and sequels usually score better than their predecessor so it should have scored the same or exceeded the original because they gave halo 3 and reach they score.

popup3821d ago

The only thing that annoys me is that Greg mentioned some woes he had with create as being a nebgative point. I can promise that the solutions to his problems do exist but not that he has the skill or brain power required to solve it without help!

You can see that as a criticism if you like but LBP has real depth to it's tools and can be treated as a programming language in itself. People were making working calculators on the previous game after all.

Thankfully, creative players come in various flavours. Artists, programmers, story tellers and many more all show off their particular styles.

It is a shame that Mr Miller came across blaming his tools for his lack of technical knowhow and ended up taking his fustration into his review.

He seems a nice chap though and I enjoy the Podcast they do at times and 9 is still a great score.

TheLeprachaun3821d ago

If LittleBigPlanet 2 had released at the time of LittleBigPlanet instead of that game, it would have scored higher. Standards change, it's obviously an improvement but not as fresh as the first game. Even if LBP2 is better than the first game, which is obviously is, that doesn't mean it has to score higher, as you score games individually, at the time they're released.

Biggest3821d ago

Name one game that does LBP better than LBP2, TheLeprachaun. I understand what you mean and I do agree with the idea. That idea doesn't apply in this case. Standards can not change when there are no agents of change. Here are a few examples:

Gran Turismo was expected to have a different customization set because of games like Forza.

Sports games are expected to have career modes because of games like NBA2K.

LBP2 is expected to have "(nothing fits here)" because of games like "(again, nothing fits here)".

Time hasn't passed enough to change the bar set by Little Big Planet. The best LBP-type game on the market now, and in recent history, is LBP2. It should be scored higher than any other LBP-type game. You can not find a better LBP-type game anywhere in the universe.

ofx3603820d ago

Let me just ask, who reviewed LBP? Now, who reviewed LBP2? That should answer your question on why the score is different.

BUT does the score really matter? Really? Maybe if there was another game like LBP where some casual gamers might want to compare scores, but LBP is the only game of its kind releasing this year.

On top of that, if you're an actual gamer and you want to know what game to purchase f*ck the score. Scores are not important. READ the review, that's what's important. Reading the review will tell you what's good with the game, not the score.

SonyPS3603820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )


That's not how it works. If they had released a game "as good as" the first it wouldn't have gotten exactly the same score, rather a lower one.

To get this high score with a sequel shows they've improved on an already great formula.

Short version: Stop being spoiled with scores and play the fucking game. Like it getting another .5 is going to make the slightest bit of difference to your enjoyment.

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TheHater3821d ago

I am not sure how you can give a score to a game that the vast majority of its contents will depend on the community. Do a review and give all the positive and negatives about the game, but just don't give it a score (the way all reviews should be).

Six months from now we have no ideal how LBP2 will look or play base on the community. We seen some of the bad, good, and amazing stuff people were able to create just from the beta tools.

And for people to say that the bar has been raise over the past 2 years. What exactly raise the bar? Mod Nation Racer? EA Create (LOLZ)? LittleBigPlanet 2 is in the Play, Create, and Share genre and nothing release since LBP over the past 2 year come even close to toping LBP. Everything we seen and played points to LBP2 being a far better game and creating tool than the first game.

clank5433821d ago

Well, to be fair, all the levels from Little Big Planet 1 are still on there and ready to play, so he probably tried those out. The review was more to explain how well everything works in the game rather than anything else.

Biggest3821d ago

". . .so he probably tried those out."

It's doubtful that he tried even the top 100,000 out of the close to 3 million (probably way more by now) user created levels.

visualb3821d ago

no. 9 isn't "solid"

8 is solid

9 is outstanding

10 is unrealistic since no game is perfect.

Vherostar3821d ago

They gave GTA IV a 10.. A game that is FAR from perfect

TheLeprachaun3821d ago

10 doesn't mean perfect jeez. It's just the highest most websites can rate a game. There wouldn't be a point in having a '10' score if 10 was perfect since no game will ever be perfect.

That's like saying if you get an A+ on an essay it's perfect. It's not perfect, improvements can always be made, it just satisfied all the requirements to get full marks.

redsquad3821d ago

10 doesn't mean 'perfect' - the score is a general indicator of the game quality, while the text lays out the details.

l King I3821d ago

strong start for the ps3 exclusive

DigitalAnalog3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Is IGN trying to set "new" standards here? Because hopefully, I do hope they keep them. It's understandable that you shouldn't be throwing 9's or even 10's easily if it doesn't go beyond anything the previous game has to offer. I still don't like IGN in any case, but if they continue to be consistent throughout this year and beyond then maybe I'll offer some credibility with their work. This isn't like 2008 and 2009 where just upgraded sequels *COUGH (MW2) could easily strike a 9.5. The bar has been raised incredibly high the idea of getting a 9 or higher MUST be properly earned.

That being said - since LBP2 gets a 9, and from the review, it's quite clear the content and gameplay went a LONG way from it's predecessor. This being the standard "benchmark" when it comes to high scores now. Any more nonsense scores from any future COD sequels with barely any improvements on graphics & gameplay takes all credibility from this site. PERIOD.

I don't expect Forza 4, GeoW3, KZ3, Infamous 2 and even U3 to be getting those 9's quite as easily now. That I can accept, if they are going with this new review format. This way, we can say GT5 came at a period where the reviews are now "tighter" then ever with a lot of expected AAA titles coming to the table. 9's and above should be the "cream of the crop" to make a 'distinction' between itself and the others.

-End of Line

bviperz3821d ago

Time will tell. But in the meantime we get to enjoy another PS3 jewel!

JUDALATION3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Once again I.G.N FAILS at a review... The fact is that LBP2 is not an ordinary game... It is the most revolutionary concept in the history of gaming and a game that can appeal to ALL gamers not just KIDS! I have created levels and I am in the Beta and simply put The game is a VASSSSST improvement over the first and is WAYYYY more fun.... Being able to jump from level to level and create levels like Heavy rain(youtube) is the REAL REASON TO BUY THIS GAME! not the story mode... which is just a way to get collectibles! now with new search methods you can play the best levels and sort through the trashy levels... an incredible feat! I would give this game a 10 /10 for revolutionizing gaming! LBP2 IS THE GAME OF THE YEAR!

EDIT: To you idiots saying that 9.0 is a good score... You are under estimating the changes made in this game.... ask any level editer like my self... what would take days now takes thirty minutes... the potential has not even been unlocked yet... this is the MUST HAVE GAME of the year!
Halo reach had out dated graphics and was basically a 60 dollar map pack and got a 9.5. Black opps was boring crap and got a 9.0... IGN NEEDS TO STOP OVERRATING THESE CRAPPY SHOOTERS while one of a kind games like these get under scored!

KillingAllFanboys3818d ago

Calm the fuck down it is just a game man....the score will hurt nobody. lol

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LORD-PHOENIX3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

They admit its deeper than lbp 1 and you can adjust the floatiness of the jumps yet give it a lower score...?

LordMarius3821d ago Show
Iamback3821d ago

it's been over 2 years, standards change kid. So what were they supposed to give LBP? 10.0`?! LBP3? 10.5! Grow up people. Can't believe some call "9" solid LMAO, it's triple A score !

Downtown boogey3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Yeah, it's not like LBP 1 is just suddenly wiped from existence. It's there as a reminder that this kinda game has already been done quite long before.

HellzAssassin3821d ago

Exactly, people can't accept that fact. Little Big Planet was a huge change and something that we have yet to see this generation, thus it was groundbreaking for gamers. LBP2 may be better but it just drastically improves on what LBP originally did. LBP1 was original.

Zir03821d ago

I guess it only got lower than the first because the first was so original and LBP2 just builds on it rather than taking it to a whole different level, like full 3D.

TimeSkipLuffy3821d ago

this is true for most shooters, too. And yet, I believe some score higher than the previous version... or I might be wrong.
Anyway we just play the game and rate it on our own since taste is different from person to person.

hassi943821d ago

Nope - shooters are rarely original to begin with, the originality of LBP was what made it so great, not it's fantastic polish or super-tight responsiveness in gameplay nor it's ease of use. There is less originality in LBP2, a lot of originality still, but not as much.

A 9 is fantastic, get over it guys.

SnakeMustDie3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Good Score. I was expecting it to be higher though. I have one complain from this review, why on earth is "Creation Woes" a negative? I thought the create mode is more simpler(Well, creating a level anyway, but he said it himself) compared to the first one. If he has problems from create mode in LBP2 because it is hard to understand, Greg must have banged his head on a desk several times while creating something on LBP1 because it is more complicated(Tutorial wise, I haven't got the game so i might be wrong).

PlayerX3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

IGN gave 9's to Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn. I knew they where bias. I can only hope Sony can get past this hatred.

Halochampian3821d ago

Three amazing games scoring three amazing scores.

I fail to see a bias.

Jack-Pyro3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Player X you're an Idiot.

Shok3821d ago

Fail. Donkey Kong Country Returns and Epic Yarn are masterpieces. I seriously doubt you even played those games.

Aloren3820d ago

"I can only hope Sony can get past this hatred."

Yeah, such hatred, 9.0 !!

Traveler3820d ago

People like you are an embarassment to gamers. It honestly seems like you are never happy unless every single PS3 game gets nothing but 10s.

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