Nintendo DS and Wii Set New U.S. Sales Records in 2010

According to Nintendo’s internal sales figures, the Nintendo DS™ family of portable video game systems has sold more than 47 million in the United States since the original model launched in November 2004.

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boogeyman9993233d ago

So the 3DS really is coming in March. They should have just said when in that stinkin press release.

-Mezzo-3233d ago

Will get 3DS, on day one, only if it is priced at $250 or less.

GWAVE3233d ago

Gonna wait a bit for 3DS to build up a nice lineup (and possibly iron out any issues in case the launch model has problems).

But I definitely want one! There are simply too many games coming out that I want to play

AceofStaves3233d ago

Nintendo has truly dominated this gen of gaming. That's especially impressive considering the lacklustre sales of Gamecube.

Congrats to Nintendo!

PlayerX3233d ago

Nintendo leads the way. Sony and Microsoft follow.

Stealth20k3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Yeah the wii is dead (it leads in every region but japan and is third there)

and dedicated handhelds are dead huh? the ds is number 1 here and the psp is number 1 in japan

@ Below.... Yep the psp is number 1 in japan.

And the 3ds is prepared to sell more than any game piece of hardware ever has before.

Halo_Reach3233d ago

Meanwhile Ps3 is dead in biggest World Market.

christheredhead3233d ago

with a username like halo_reach you seem to be very knowledgeable on anything related to the ps3. i wish we could talk more about the ps3 but seeing as how you only have one bubble im not sure if that'll happen.

AceofStaves3233d ago

I suppose you have to try and spin the news against the PS3, considering that the 360 has been crushed by Wii.

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