8 Reasons to Hate PC World - Response to a Blatant Troll

Mana Pool: PC World recently published an article that really rubbed us, and many other gamers, the wrong way. We could have expected something like that from a magazine aimed at teenage console gamers – but a PC orientated magazine? Come on guys – even if it was meant to be funny you really went a bit overboard. It was obvious trolling, but hey we’ll bite. So let us look at their statements shall we?

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Agent-863242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

This is a great quote from the article: "Also, I own several consoles and PC’s. Both have their place; Racing, Beat ‘em Up, Arcade Games, Anything without in-depth game play: Console / Controller is superior. Strategy, FPS, RPG, anything with in-depth game play: PC with Mouse & Keyboard is vastly preferred."

That's just about exactly how I am. I have a gaming PC and a PS3 and believe it's the best of both worlds. I'd get a 360, but I think it's redundant: most 360 exclusives are also on the PC and I don't like the idea to pay to play online (especially since I do the majority of my gaming on the PC, so paying $50-60 a year for a few 360 games isn't worth it to me). I have nothing against the 360 or it's users, but it just wasn't for me. The PS3, however, has a remarkable amount of truly exclusive games that are first-rate and across many genres. I believe the PC plus PS3 make an incredible gaming combo.

EvilTactician3242d ago

Agreed - though I have a Xbox 360 rather than a PS3 :-) The main drawback of the PS3 was that it had no backwards compatibility at the time, otherwise we would have bought that instead. (We had a ton of PS2 games, which we've since given away)

The Xbox is used more frequently as a Media Player than as a gaming machine these days - but we did go through a phase of playing it quite a lot.

Anyway, I am glad you agree - it's not about console vs PC but about using whatever tools are available to get the most enjoyment during your spare time. Who cares what other people prefer anyway?

JsonHenry3242d ago

They didn't say a whole lot that I didn't agree with. Anything with and depth to it is just easier to play with a keyboard and mouse. (assuming you are used to playing with that combo)

Baka-akaB3242d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

the whole "anything with depth" part is useless however , and even if not intended that way , kinda trollish .

Dumb games and games with depth exists on both type of platforms .

More keys/buttons has never been equal to more depths . it's only relevant to each genre of games and how they deal with it

sWEEP12123242d ago

Wow talk about butthurt article.If you hate anybody because of videogames you clearly need to get out more.
Saddest thing ive seen in a while

dirthurts3242d ago

I was thinking the same thing.
It's a smacking contest.

tdrules3242d ago

Like N4G hating Gabe Newell until E3 2010

TABSF3241d ago

So true hahahahahahahahahaha

That nearly killed me hehe

You know Gabe/ Valve/ Steam are amazing when they do a service like Steam for free then do two 1000+ games Sales ranging from 25% to 96% off every year.

Ducky3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I don't think this was really necessary.

I consider myself a PC gamer and found the original article amusing. Each point reeked of logical fallacy and contained it's own counter-argument.
I thought that was the point?

LightofDarkness3242d ago

No, the point is that we PC gamers are infallible and any arguments about any negatives to our platform of choice must be null and void immediately thereafter.

I see this guy left out the counter-argument portion of PC World's article you've mentioned. Must've been a slow news day.

Bigninja3242d ago

Funny thing how the guys is dissing pc gamers, give a picture of a nerd and hes wearing nothing but console parts

EvilTactician3241d ago

Helps if you read the article - no pc gamer is getting dissed in it, I can assure you that. (No gamer is getting dissed full stop, that's the whole point of the article)

TABSF3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Right I have been a gamer since 1996 owning many consoles, In 2007 I built my first PC ever which was my first gaming PC costing no more than £400 (cheaper than my launch PS3 £425).

Right time to destroy these points.
BTW I own all current gen consoles.

#8: They’re elitists

Well when you get more exclusives, access to modding and free game content then why not.

#7: ‘E-Sports’

Not really interested in it but even COD players on PC look like kids compared to the real FPS Pros on CS and CSS.

#6: They’re filthy pirates

Again not really interested in it, I have almost 250 games on Steam since early 2008 when I discovered Steam through TF2 retail purchase.

#5: They make the rest of us look like nerds

This is kind of true, consoles target demographic is for teens, young adults and with Wii kids. Just look at my example of being a console gamer for 11 years then when I turn 17 I switch to PC.

#3: They have more money than sense

Depends how you look at it, I have spent over £1000 on my PC to get it where it is but its like a workstation pretty much on 24/7 plus I've saved thousands thanks to Steam sales over the years.
Also to say I paid £425 for my PS3 and only purchase 3-4 games a year the PS3 is more of a waste of space not to mention the 360 and others.


Could not careless most are boring to me, only good one may come from Bioware with Old republic.

#1: They’re always complaining

Consoles gamers should complain, PC is amazing Steam/ Valve even more so but when you see companies like Microsoft charging for Onlive, Services that are free on PC plus DLC and Sony for £3/ $5 on Content verse PC I would also.
On PC we get far more content and its mostly free, PC gamers don't just bow down and take it up the a$$ we expect the best and why not we pay good money.

At below, OK LOL well I did the points anyway :/ sorry.

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