Keeping Up With The “A List”

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"It seems that since the days of yore, problems with game releases have moved on from quality issues to that of quantity. As a child it was no problem to glue myself to the television for days at a time working on my cursing and fatality moves. But alas, I have become a man, with obligations and forty-six jobs. No longer can I throw away a month sinking two hundred and fifty hours into an RPG or watching little Mega-Man explode ad-nauseum. Real life concerns force me to choose only the best of the best titles to fritter away my time upon."

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Liuqahs153238d ago

This is a fresh take on the subject of franchises. For the most part, everyone bitches about how there are too many and we need new IP's. It's nice to read an article where someone keeps it real and says straight up that they're more comfortable with respected dynasties than random one-offs that could cost them time and money.

tdogchristy903238d ago

Agreed. While new IPs are great (assassins creed when it first came out, mirrors edge) there is something about the tested stuff. I've always been one who prefers quality over quantity because like the author I don't have time money to waste on shovel wear.

Komega3238d ago

Exactly, as a older gamer I do appreciate certain franchises because I know that I will get enjoyment for my valuable time. I have very little tolerance for stinkers at this point in my life...