Mass Effect 2 PS3 review - 93% in GamesMaster

CVG: Mass Effect 2 for PS3 has received a sterling review in the latest issue of GamesMaster.

Issue 234 of the mag arrives on shelves today and gives Bioware's sci-fi RPG shooter 93 per cent, claiming that the PS3 version is the one to get over the Xbox 360 edition.

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units3233d ago

Someone forgot to tell CVG that comic is also coming to Pc and 360

rrw3233d ago

well, they dont say it exclusives do they. by the way isnt that Alternative Sources bit off topic?

ct033233d ago

In the third paragraph, they explain why they think the PS3 version is the best:

1) It has a comic, so you don't miss out on the events of ME1
2) You receive, quote, "all the extras existing players have had access to."

ct033233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

How can anybody disagree? It's in the freaking article:

<<this is definitely the version to plump for," GM says.
"You don't miss out on the events of the first game, thanks to the interactive comic, and you've all the extras existing players have had access to.>>

N311V3233d ago

@ ct03

I only own a PS3 so I'm glad it's coming. I agree the article didn't really convince me that the PS3 version is any better. I would much rather have played the first game than watch a comic.

AndrewRyan3233d ago

PC version is better. 1080p, AA, AF, etc. But this looks like the console king.

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Masamori Sumimura3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

''The ps3 version is the one to get over the xbox360 version....''

Most of us have played it and finished the game on PC or Xbox a Year ago. If you have a PS3 and never played it go ahead and buy it. If you have a Both why go buy the PS3 version for 59.99 when you can buy the same game for 19.99 at your local gamestop? there'S not much of a difference. Same DLCs same Game but with better lighting .

NewMonday3233d ago

It comes with all the DLC included, so it’s a better deal for new players.

But only diehards will get this a 2nd time.

ct033233d ago

Mass Effect 2 is $20 on Steam (was available for $10 a week ago). Add the $24 for the DLC, and you have a total of $44. Or $34 if you bought during the sale.

Kran3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Yeh. Just increase the brightness for better lighting xD

@newmonday but for those who bought the DLC on the day they were 200MSP, they would have saved ALOT. And I did xD Good job I didnt spend my MSP on Lair of the Shadow Broker and I waited an extra day for all of them. :)

Silly gameAr3233d ago

Or you could just buy it for what ever system you prefer to buy it for Natsu.

poopface13233d ago

but I like using the character import from ME1 instead of the comic.

Sony3603233d ago

Also you can't carry your character over from the first game. That's kind of a big deal too, and the reason I disagree about this being the best version.

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TimeSkipLuffy3233d ago

would be a sad port if it is not on par or better then the XBOX360 version. I am happy I will be able to play it and hope other publishers will also release their XBOX(360)/(PC) exclusives on the PS3 ^^.

tigertron3233d ago

I'm hoping that someone scans the review and posts it on the internet, because I haven't bought a GM mag in years.

Kran3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Technically though, didnt Mass Effect go multiplatform when ME1 was released on PC back in 2008?

Yeh im sure you could argue it was Microsoft exclusive at the time, (Microsoft Windows) but even so. A PC is just another platform

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The story is too old to be commented.