Valve: 'We're not schizophrenic'

CVG: Valve has defended its unpredictable roster of releases - claiming that its line-up is, in fact, not quite as random as it often seems.

The studio has become notorious in recent years for surprising fans with irregular releases following Half-Life 2's arrival in 2004

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Big_Dom3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Fair enough, Valve. But, here's the big question: where the fuck is Episode 3? Your stance on episodic content has been a farce from the very beginning. Half Life 2 was 6 years ago. You could have had Half Life 3 out by now and been half way working towards part 4 if it were required.

Eamon3235d ago

To be fair, Half-Life 1 came out in 1998. And there were no more HL games until Half-Life 2 which came out in 2004.

That's 6 years of nothing. But over 6 years after HL2 came out, we've had 2 episodes and Portal.

Granted, they should have released episode 3 by now but Half-Life 3 still has some time.

ct033235d ago

Please do not defend the lack of episode 3.

Episode 2 ended on a cliffhanger, and after THREE YEARS we haven't seen a single piece of artwork for episode 3. Work on episode 3 may not even have begun yet.

Eamon3235d ago

lol, I dunno what's the point of those vids but anyway you did prove me wrong with those expansions. I was only aware of Opposing Force and Counter-Strike (although CS isn't a single player episode. It's a multiplayer expansion of the HL engine.)

Croash3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

@ Eamon, you weren't proven wrong that much.

Opposing Force and Blue Shift were indeed Half-Life 1 expansions but they were made by Gearbox Software, not by Valve.
So it really took them 6 years to release the 2nd Half-Life game.

But anyway, it wasn't their fault, they had to delay it because of the leak.

What is wrong with the way they're handling things is that they haven't said anything about Episode 3/Half-Life 3.
They should start talking about it after Portal 2's release.

If it is indeed Half-Life 3 ( = new engine), then I'd understand why it would have taken them more than 6 years. But if the next Half-Life game is supposed to be Episode 3, then I don't see how they released the 2 previous episodes so fast and haven't even mentioned the third one yet.

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rugis3235d ago

Okay, Valve may take ridiculous amounts of time to create games (Valve time), but they at least release a product of quality that virtually no other game developer has. Maybe if you worked there, you might understand. I don't work their either, so I don't either. We don't know how they work, but demanding games isn't going to help, and I would rather wait for an amazing product than get some shit product that is rushed because of fans wanting a sequel sooner than later.

Big_Dom3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

You are totally missing the point. Newell stated and boasted about Steam and how it was the best way forward for the industry by releasing episodic content, because according to his vision, it delivered the next installments of games far quicker rather than to have to go off and write a new engine from scratch and then develop a game. He bemoaned the time that took and boasted that episodic content was a way to get the latest chapter of a story in a game faster than a newly developed game. Well, he didn't half put his foot in it by gloating about that bold assumption back then. Looks like it backfired and he, and Valve, are looking like complete tits over it now that they FAILED. Fact is, Newell was talking bollocks. You don't produce episodes as short as 1&2 were, then cut the fans off and leave them waiting almost 4 years for the last chapter. What is the point in that? It's ridiculous business strategy. Tech has moved on so much in PC terms that a new engine could have been developed for Half Life 3. Source is ridiculously old now, no matter how pretty they get it to look. Imagine Source 2 with HL 3. Yeah, that's all we can do - imagine.

rumplstilts3235d ago

"Okay, Valve may take ridiculous amounts of time to create games (Valve time), but they at least release a product of quality that virtually no other game developer has"

Wrong. See Blizzard.

rugis3235d ago

@Big_Dom No, I'm not missing the point. So wait, you would rather go the the store to have to buy each episode? He boasted that you could download the game you know, somewhat instantly. He never said that the game would be developed faster. You mention two different things and play them off as the same. Oh, and they ARE working on other games.

smurfee3235d ago

Agreed. No developer is perfect, Valve is no exception. Valve deserves some credit for not making blatant cashcow sequels except for that one mistake L4D2. I wish they'd use the money from selling games on Steam to invest it in the chronicles of Freeman.

Big_Dom3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Oh, right, I see. So Mr Newell was just being considerate and taking our convenience as the main reason to invent Steam and bleat about his enthusiasm for episodic content to revolutionise the industry then? What a nice guy. Don't be so niave. What does it matter to devs how and where consumers pick up there product so long as they do. Not everyone on the planet has an internet connection,and most people will prefere a physical medium to keep, so that blows that excuse clean out of the water. All devs care about is getting the money one way or the other. Yes. Once again, you missed the point.

rugis3234d ago

@Big_Dom So you can't read? You make three different points, and then say I'm missing the point when I respond to one, and create another. Honestly, does your stupidity know no bounds? Physical products get lost or broken. With Steam, which seems to be staying, things aren't broken, it is easy to get your account back, and games are cheap. Also, you criticize Valve for not releasing games when YOU want them, but what about Blizzard? Starcraft has had just as large as a gap as Half-Life games, if not larger, and same with Diablo. Why are you chastising them? You seem to like to target on company, and you are rather ignorant as well. Great job there bud.

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toaster3235d ago

Valve Time is a bitch. Good thing they support their games like no other developer. I'm happy with the amount of support Valve gives TF2, CS:S, and every other one of it's games. Half Life 2 gets updated about every other week, pretty good for a 6 year old game.

Doesn't mean I don't want HL3!!!! Ep. 3 at least... please?

AwesomeJizz3235d ago


likedamaster3235d ago


JohnnyHalo3235d ago

Valve: "We're not schizophrenic"

The first sign of schizophrenia is denial.

RememberThe3573235d ago

But what if your actually not schizophrenic? Are you supposed to admit it?

ct033235d ago

What do you mean? I'm certainly not schizophrenic.

Deleting3235d ago

I thought I would of seen a lot more fat jokes on here......Strange

solar3235d ago

you dont anymore since the announcement of the PS3 version of Portal 2 being the best "console version". strange isnt it?

Xfanboy3235d ago

PC will be the hi def, high frame rate version with mods!!
ps3 better be getting something crazy to beat that!!

hassi943235d ago

While I half agree Xfanboy, he did quote 'console version'.

smurfee3235d ago

Each time you make a fat joke, you know who delays Episode 3 by another 6 months. True story. We're so wishful we've stopped the fat jokes.

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