Analyst firm predicts "second tier of multiplayer" for Call of Duty

Once again Activision will be looking to "monetize" Call of Duty multiplayer, according to Wedbush Morgan, who add news of it is due "first quarter of 2011."

The firm suggests it's inevitable despite CEO Eric Hirshberg declaring they wouldn't charge for Call of Duty multiplayer, saying its part of the package.

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GrieverSoul3240d ago

"Once again Activision will be looking to "monetize" Call of Duty multiplayer"

How about doing a proper PC and PS3 version?! That would be something nice! Hey, dont blame me for having sold my copy of Black Ops resulting in not buying your $&"%ty maps! You´re the ones to blame!

velocitygamer3240d ago

Biggest bullshit I've ever heard...and this isn't even coming from patcher.

TheLastGuardian3240d ago

The Black Ops campaign was boring and lame imo. If they want to have any chance of me buying another COD game again they should start selling multiplayer only for $30.

pixelsword3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )


N311V3240d ago

I can definitely see this happening. With the next CoD there will be "free" multiplayer and better subscription multiplayer.

pixelsword3240d ago

Not free multiplayer; not now if they can't make money (thanks again, hackers and pirates).

Godmars2903240d ago

Which I am sure will be well received by XBL users.

Its not happening.

mobijoker3240d ago

They earned a billion and wants another one.I am just pissed that many games that are more deserving do not get sales while evry year they make one half assed game and take away billions.

ZombieKiller3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Who cares? I've been raped by Activision for the last time with Black Ops on my PS3. I'll be getting Uncharted 3 instead this year.

Ducky3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

... ain't that what the DLC is?
Works like a subscription anyways.

supremacy3239d ago

Think of it like this, you pay to play call of duty online. Then you also pay for the extra maps? But thats ofcourse after paying 60 for the game at retail.

Idealy thats what mr kottick must be thinking.

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