LittleBigPlanet 2 Review - JVN

JVN writes : "A fabulous gift in itself."

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disturbing_flame3236d ago

Seems PS3 gonna run good games this year.

Cloudberry3236d ago

Just get these games I want, safe & sound in my hands at their official release dates, no matter what review scores they're getting at.

thereapersson3236d ago

If the game outclasses the first one in every way, how come they gave it a lower score than most people who rated the first game?

8.5 is NOT a bad score by any means, but a title like this is almost in another category of gaming altogether. A fan of the series or not, with as much as Media Molecule have done with this sequel, it's hard to see the game getting anything less than a 9.

GrieverSoul3236d ago

Reviewing a game like LBP is like reviewing a MMO. The possibility for extra content is huge! But add the user generated content and this game will blow away everyoné expectations! I dont really see how they got to this score, they seem to like the game very much. One of the cons is "Requires some investment"???!!! lol! These guys havent played RPGs, have they?!

FailOverHero3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Halo Reach is a better game than Halo 3 but according to metacritic it is 91 vs 94.
Did anybody complain? No. Why? Because everybody except ps3 fans understands that times and standards evolve as the years go. GT3 is at 96, but do you honestly think it is a better game than GT5? Of course not.
Get you tin foil hats off people. Lbp 2 does not carry the same suprise factor that the 1st one did but it is still a better game than the 1st
I'm so tired of ps3 exclusives having to be reviewed differently from other games.
GT5, you have to play it till level 40 to review it, it isn't for casuals, you have to be a car lover.
The Fight, you have to be super fit to review it, it isn't for noobs
Lbp 2, it has to be reviewed like an MMO, it is an RPG, bla bla bla it isn't for newbs
How come you were not complaining when the 1st lbp was reviewed the same way and got 95?? Oh yeah, because they gave it 95!! We'll only complain and ask for different review methods when the score isn't what we want right?

lowcarb3236d ago

@Failoverhero You deserve a bubble for that comment. Good true stuff

CoxMulder3236d ago


We're giving bubbles to bitter 360 fanboys now?

This "only ps3 fanboys are stupid enough to" rethoric died in 2007, let's keep it that way..

N311V3236d ago

@ FailOverHero

You're spot on. LBP2 is likely a big improvement on the original. But it's just that a LBP is not THE ORIGINAL, it's lost the novelty bonus is all. 85 is still a great score and definitely won't put me off the purchase.

rjdofu3236d ago

@FailOverHero: "Because everybody except ps3 fans understands that times and standards evolve as the years go. GT3 is at 96, but do you honestly think it is a better game than GT5? Of course not."

I fail to see your logic here. You are talking about how everyone 'except PS3 fans' don't understand about the evolvement of gaming standard, yet you give an example about GT? PS3 fan are the ones who play GT and tell you what, most of them think GT5 is the best racing sim of this generation.

However, the last part, I agree with you. Impression is a critical aspect. The 2nd is better than the 1st, but it does not provide enough impression like the 1st does.

DigitalAnalog3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Your sentiments are justified. Now I hope you would've used that to the defense of GT5's "under 9" score. However, it's seems that your XBox360 brethren (aka lowcarb and many others) do not share your beliefs. Can you now say the hate and disappointment is justified on GT5 when you clearly stated:

"Because everybody except ps3 fans understands that times and standards evolve as the years"

I hope you put that on record because as soon as any 360 troll or goons decided to say otherwise, I will direct them to your comment.

-End of Line

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PlayerX3236d ago

8.5? It's GT5 all over again! Sony deserves better.

LordMarius3236d ago

chill it's just one site

Seijoru3236d ago

Has anyone noticed that N4G is averaging the reviews with a 7/10 score for prehistoric sackboy and 2 scores from over a year ago? N4G mods are either careless or fanboys.

Vinushka3236d ago

N4G mods are just idiotic.

Pacman3213236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Damn i really wanted to buy this game too, oh well.....

worldgames3236d ago

I lol'd at this "Damn i really wanted to buy this game too, oh well", you fail as a gamer.

Pacman3213236d ago

@ worldgames
You fail at sarcasm.
I think if i ever write a sarcastic post again ill have to write sarcasm in brackets for people like you.

rjdofu3236d ago

@Pacman321: it's the internet, you can either be serious or not, who knows. I bet those 3 disagree fail to realize your sarcasm also haha. So just put /s or else some stupid fanboys will steal your bubble LOL.

JohnnyHalo3236d ago

A little suspicous coming from JVN. Take this with a grain of salt guys.

Karooo3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

what do you mean? who gives a shit about rviews, if u like the first game.

hay3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Played demo and beta. It's better than first one. Highly recommended.

Compare demos of those games and estimate how much better LBP2 may be and you don't need reviews.


From the demo improves on its predecessor in every way and for once i will say 8.5 is a bad score which was probably done for hits.

Not low enough to cause outrage but not high enough to get hits or a bit of recognition to please their advertisers who pay for space.

Certain politics this gen disgust me.

DelbertGrady3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Or maybe the improvements just aren't enough to warrant a higher score? Nah, can't be. Can it?

@thereapersson - Very true, indeed. Halo Reach was one of those games for me. I wouldn't give it more than 8/10. The story was crap and the multiplayer gave you no incentive to keep playing.

thereapersson3236d ago

If there are only marginal improvements to the most popular game series' this generation, why do the most popular games continue to receive nothing but high marks?

There are a lot of double-standards this gen.

Redempteur3236d ago

so what ?? doubling the size of the maps , the amount of objects on screen , the lighting , the number of weapons , the full compatibility with the previous game, the , the numérous tweaks ( such as the holographic material ) , the level linkings , the versus elements, the sound sequencer ..

i think that's more than enough of improvements

mushroomwig3236d ago

These sites are seriously scraping the barrel for cons;

- Collisions and jumps still risky

Isn't that the whole point? If jumps weren't risky then the challenge is completely taken away.

- Requires some investment

Of course the game requires investment, creating a level that's half decent will obviously take some time, but that's the whole point. Nobody likes playing a level which was made in 5 minutes.

thereapersson3236d ago

You are absolutely right. The thing about LBP is that, while anyone can sit down and make even the most rudimentary of levels, only those who truly dedicate the time and effort to make a completely unique experience can truly benefit from what the game has to offer.

I think complaining about time investment in a game like this just goes to show how lazy and leaning towards instant gratification gamers in the worlds of both journalism and the private sector are becoming.

thereapersson3236d ago

Looks like I touched on a subject that upset the little fragile hearts and minds of the fanboys on this website. The truth hurts, doesn't it?


You shouldnt have given the site a hit

thats why they gave it an 8.5

Shazz3236d ago

Lol tell me about it , I mean there's nothing worse than paying £ 40 for a game and actually getting your money's worth with hours upon hours of content lol . What a daft thing for a reviewer to say I guess they are happier buying 4 hour story games

DontShoot-Me-Bro3236d ago

@ Mushroomwig

I understand what they are trying to say, jumping from 1 platform to another is risky.

You could break poor sackboy's ankle or something.

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