LittleBigPlanet 2 Review - writes : "The new tools are powerful and the possibilities for your creativity even larger."

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disturbing_flame3243d ago

The game is ten times better than the first episode but i think it will have less perfect scores this time.
Anyway this looks good.

worldgames3243d ago

How come we are not seeing the big websites scores yet but we are seeing no name sites?!

disturbing_flame3243d ago

No name site in the US, but these sites have got a name in their countries.
You know N4G is an international site now, not a focused site on US reviews. People need to be smart enough to understand that. I think they can manage that.

nix3243d ago

doesn't matter at all. i'm getting it irrespective of what score it gets, just like GT5. q;

worldgames3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

@disturbing flame sorry dude, im an Aussie to mate not American. Just havnt heard of them much, maybe I dont search the interwebz as much as you.

Edit: Ah I also see you put the story up.

hay3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

@worldgames: It's french website. Last time I heard France wasn't part of Australia.

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Peppino73243d ago

I agree and I don't expect anything less than a 9.

disturbing_flame3243d ago

@ worldgames As a Aussie you must understand better than lot of people what i'm saying then.
Joking ;)
And yes i put this review on N4G, problem with that ?
You know everyday people posts news on N4G.

xtib3243d ago is the most visited videogames website in Europe so it is quite a big site.. You know, there is not only america in the world..
Apart from that, 9/10 on is very good, only U2 and GOW3 got 9,5/10 ..

blizzard_cool3243d ago

We're getting to easy on the game reviews, if we start thinking that A FRAKING 9/10 isn't good enough that there's a problem...

dead_eye3243d ago

Major problem. If your rating out of 10 then shouldn't 5 be average. Making the 8's the awesome games and 9's next to impossible to get. Don't get me started on 10's ain't no such think as a perfect game that I've seen.

JonnyBigBoss3243d ago

Beautiful game. What a wonderful start to 2011.