DC Universe Beta Impressions (by a non-MMO Player)

I think I should start off by the saying the most important thing; I am not an MMO player. I have never played one before so this whole experience is new to me. That being said, I’m sure there are a lot of non-MMO players out there who were intrigued by a superhero PS3 MMO...

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Jdoki3239d ago

I'm also in the beta, and the game is solid. I've only hit around lvl 9, so not seen too much of it yet, but what I have seen is quite nice.

It's obviously influenced by a lot of other games - but for me the early game is superior to Champions Online (which I am a lifetime subscriber) - it just feels more fun.

The biggest problem for me is the business model on the PS3. I just can't see how gamers are going to pay full price for the game, and then £9.99 per month. It just feels wrong.

I'd have bought the game in a heartbeat if it followed the Guild Wars business model. Most PS3 gamers are already familiar with the micro-transaction model from the PSN store, and also buying DLC. So it would be a more natural fit than a recurring payment.

I think many gamers, who haven't played an MMO before, are going to ask the question of why they should play a game like this, when they could be having just as much fun in something like inFamous or GTA. The only difference is the addition of a persistent world and other players - and as chatting using the PS3 is not intuitive, I can't see the community aspect really thriving.

I think SOE have a tough battle on their hands to make the game a massive success on PS3. And as a side note, I dunno if the PC / PS3 are using the same servers, but the beta test seems very unpopulated - which is concerning when they should be stress testing servers and using community feedback to squash the last bugs.

N311V3239d ago

I had a go on the beta, got to around level 10 and got bored with it. Personally I would not pay a subscription, I just won't play it often enough. I've experienced some microtransactions models and that could work for me, I'd buy it then but not for a subscription.

lukifier3238d ago

Nice one dude
i had put news on my page
(Unlike most other MMORPGs DC’s new game does not limit character creation to a single class or type of character. The DC Universe Online talents based system will allow players to spend points however they choose to best tailor...)