Two Worlds II Free DLC Now Available

What do you get when you take the gripping world of Antaloor, throw in a blockbuster storyline, stuff it with action packed gameplay, and pour on innovative and ground breaking systems like Crafting and Magic... and flavour it all with a Gold Upgrade? Voilá – the perfect RPG-Holiday-Treat! TopWare Interactive has announced the release of the Gold Upgrade for Two Worlds II, which includes numerous updates and fixes.

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no_more_trolling3244d ago

is this game out in the USA ?

Chris3993244d ago

Hopefully console owners get the updates for free.

Morpheuzpr3244d ago

that's no dlc that was a patch.

AssassinHD3244d ago

A patch, that is downloadable, that adds content.

Say it with me now: DownLoadable Content.

SuperSaiyan43244d ago

It doesnt come out until 4th feb in the UK although i manage to get a UK copy from ebay early strange...

Raendom3244d ago

Which publisher's name is on the box?

Apocwhen3243d ago

The game's been out since November. Got it from for PS3 back then.

Tex1173244d ago

This game interests me.

madpuppy3243d ago

I find it interesting that the games interests you, I shall choose to find the game interesting as well.


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