Famitsu and Wired Confirms Long Lines For Final Fantasy : Crisis Core in Japan ; Special Ed. Pics.

From wired Chris Kohler reports :

"This is what I found when I got there. I asked the security guard and apparently they still had a few of the systems left. Only 77,777 were made, so I was surprised to hear that I could buy one if I wanted to. I hadn't planned on it, but, you know how these things go. I was just swept up in the ecstasy of consumerism and found myself in line. Oh well, maybe there won't be too many people in front of me, I thought. By the time I got up to the front of the store, they'd given out all their tickets, which means the package was sold out, and they'd put up a sign saying so"

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TriggerHappy5370d ago

The only time i heard people line up for a game for PSP was with Monster Hunter 2. This game might just set record sales on PSP

resistance1005370d ago

Well its made me buy one ^_^

xaphanze5370d ago

It's made me download it ;P.

RadientFlux5370d ago (Edited 5370d ago )

WOW add FF7 to anything and people will buy it. Next up the offical ff7 sex toy collection ;)

Zhuk5370d ago

a game that I will probably purchase for my PSP, which has seen far more use as a platform for emulation than anything else

PS360WII5370d ago

Agreed Merc3nary if you thought Monster Hunter 2 sold well then FF Crisis Core should be even better. I don't count FF 1 & 2 because they have been remade to many times to matter.

TriggerHappy5370d ago

Yup, you are right. FF1 and 2 were not even proper remakes, I have never considered even getting those.

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